History of Lebanon?

Can U tell me in a very short lines a brief clear history of Lebanon starting from 1900 ?

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    till 1916- Lebanon is part of the Ottoman Empire

    1921 to 1941 - French Mandate

    1943 - Lebanon constitution is established.

    1943 - Independence.

    1967 - The PLO operates in Lebanon

    1975 to 1990 - Civil war.

    Israel and Syria invade Lebanon.

    2000 - Israel withdraws from South Lebanon

    2005 - Hariri is assassinated. Syria leaves Lebanon.

    2006 - July war.

    Present - Two opposed groups are struggling for power, one that is backed by the USA and which accuses Syria of assassinating Hariri (14 march alliance), and another that is backed by Iran and Syria and which accuses the USA of meddling in Lebanese affairs (8 march alliance).

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    - Before 1916 Lebanon was part of the Ottoman empire

    - In 1916 Lebanon became part of the French Mandate

    - 1920 the state of Great Lebanon was declared by the Frenchies

    - 1926: The Lebanese Republic was born (the first republic in the Arab world)

    - 1943: Lebanon gains its independence

    - 1975: Civil war breaks in Lebanon

    - 1981: Smutty was born in Beirut, the first blue monster

    - 1982: Israelis invade Lebanon and its capital falls

    -1990: Syrians who where in control of large portions of Lebanon were given the green light by USA to overthrow General Aoun and take control of the country

    - 2002: Smutty graduates with a Diploma in Applied Mathematics

    - 2005: Syrians withdraw from Lebanon under International pressure

    - 2006: Smutty clashes with neighbours several times over issues of parking spaces

    Hope this helps.

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    short line brief history.

    Empires, occupations, wars, and destruction devour the soul of lebanon, yet the 10452km2 managed to survive and make it out alive to the 2007 era.

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    1900 was when my great great grandmother met my great great grandfather, they got married and had my great grandmother

    in 1955 great grandmother met my great grandfather and got married

    in 1980 my dad met my mom and the got married

    in 1982 i was born

    in 2007 im writing this

    So thats pretty much of my lebanese history, though the exact dates are not quit clear for me, hope i helped out !!

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