Which real estate company pays more commision to it's agents, Century 21 or Prudential?

Can I take a real estate course with Century 21 and still work for Prudential or any other real estate company?

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    Negotiate the split. most of the time it starts at 50/50

    Unless someone fell asleep. C-21 requires a contractual agreement to stay with them when they school you. It’s usually a year. This is a good time to practice the habit “be loyal to the brand" as the cowboys would say. Good luck.

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    This is totally negotiable between the agent and broker. It all depends what kind of support you receive- if you pay your own desk space, phone, copies, etc. you will most likely get a higher commission than if the broker is assuming those expenses. When I started out, I had a 50/50 split. After a few years of success, I had a 70/30 split- with my share being 70%, and most expenses paid by the broker. It doesn't matter which broker you go to- it depends on your individual deal. The support the broker gives is sometimes more important than the split. Some questions to ask: Will you get floortime? What are the advertising policies? Do they give you a desk and phone, or do you have to share with other agents? Commission split is just one part of the big picture. And yes, you can go anywhere you want after you take your real estate course and pass the licensing exam. Interview around and talk to a lot of brokers. Think about what you want-- a small boutique, or a large stable? Ask how you will be supported. When you are a new agent, you know nothing, even after you pass the test. Will someone knowledgable go with you if you get a listing appointment? Who will look over your work product? Some places ( Weichert) have mentoring programs-but you pay the agent mentoring you out of your commissions. You have a lot of questions to ask before you sign on with a broker. Good luck.

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    I work with realtors all the time. The previous poster did make a good point that each office is independently run. With my experience Prudential is better. Most of the agents are friendly and professional. I had a bad experience with Century 21 where I knew about a listing they advertised for 299k on their website. I called to inquire about it and they had it re-listed at 399k. The agent said he bought it and renovated it and was asking a new price. I am an appraiser and did not see the transaction recorded and knew he was lying. It was just a bait and switch scam.

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