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How to run wires so fan & light on separate switches?

I'm going to be moving into a new house and I want to wire the ceiling fans and their lights on separate switches so I don't have to mess with pulling chains if I only want one or the other on. Right now they are on 1 switch so I know i'm going to have to install a double switch, but i'm not sure which wires go where on the switches. The ceiling fans in the house are fairly new (4 years old or less)


I don't know what 14/3 or 12/3 wire is......

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    1 decade ago
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    from each fan you will have to run a #14 gage romax to the wall switch it has a black and a white with a bare ground this is where it gets a little tech the wire that is in the ceiling box now will only connect to the fan hot or line

    the new line the #14 you will only use the black wire and that will connect to the light kit as it should be a blue wire

    if its a single switch on the wall you got 2 ways of doing this part you can take the box out of the wall and put a double switch box in its place a plastic snap in or

    you can get a double switch that will fit into the box you have now on this double switch you will have the 'line' side that is the hot wire will connect to this the other 2 screws on the other side of this switch is where the fan switch leg will connect and the bottom screw is where the black wire that you will have to run will connect this will be your light 'switch leg' the white and the bare ground will cap off and push back into the wall box please note that this is just a couple ways a tipical switch is set up you could have the hot wire 'line' in the ceiling box in that case they might have used what we call a switch loop that means that the single romax the hot in in the ceiling box connects to the white only in the romax that runs to the switch the other black wire in the same romax is connected to the fan/light might want to get a pro to take a look at it sence I cant see it and tell what method was used as you will have to treat each one in a differt way be sure and turn the power off

    Source(s): Master Electrican 20 years
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  • 1 decade ago

    You need to have at least 14/3 or 12/3 wire running from switch box to light box to run them seperately. Other than that, you can do the remote thing. I have done it in two fans in my place and it works great!!! You can buy them seperate for about 25 bucks. They install up above the actual fan.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Put two switches side by side, for example.

    1. Run one Black, White, and ground line.

    2. Connect all the whites and grounds. ( white to white and ground to ground).

    3. Branch the black(power) to the lower screw on both switches.

    4. connect the fan (Black) to one switch (upper screw) and the light (Black) to the other switch (upper screw).

    Restore power and they will work independent of each other.

    Remember to use wire nuts and electrical tape on the connection for the White and Ground lines.

    Use 14/2 wire...guage size #14 with 2 wire conductor and a common ground.

    BTW: when you run your wiring

    1. run your power line to the switch,

    2. then run from the light to switch one.

    3. the fan to switch two.

    Now go to the switches and make your connections - then restore power.

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  • 1 decade ago

    hi you can buy remote cordless fans at light shops or kits so avoid the wiring try beacon or ideal if you live in Australia

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