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Which Department Store / Retailer cards are easiest to get? I'm trying to rebuild, but not having luck...?

I've read so many entries here that I have a headache, but I still no answers.

I'm 31, rebuilding bad credit from up to 13 years ago (college), and am waiting for my credit report to arrive. Was recently denied an apartment (no evictions, etc.) and now am on a mission to clean up. I have no open credit accounts, other than prepaid or debit cards, & a TMobile phone. I have checking & savings accounts. I need to get some open credit lines to build. Last Checked, FICO was around 500, 3 years ago.

I've searched several retailers' info, and some barely even list any requirements. None so far have a posted FICO requirement.

Two have listed that, for online applications, I must provide another major credit card as a reference. Will my prepaid or my debit card count for that requirement? Do I have to do that if you apply in person? (those two were Macy's and Victoria's Secret)

Any Suggestions, preferably from those in the credit biz?


NOTE: Please don't bother mentioning First Premier, Orchard Bank, etc., nor secured accounts, as I am already working on these. I spent 6 hours reading other answers here and already know about those. I am already piggybacking someone else, too.

If anyone knew their FICO and applied for store cards, and were denied/accepted I'd like to know what happened. I'm trying to get an idea of which are the easiest to get, so I can apply for one, and then if I don't get it, I know that I need to continue building for 6-12 months and try again.

I appreciate all the other help, too, but I'm not looking for MC/Visa info. Thanks!

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    You can try You put in a score and pick a range to compare and it will give you a list of card offers in that range. I have a Target store card and my score was 546 at the time of approval. You can also check Your prepaid may be acceptable, but your debit will not. This is done as a way to show you have other etablished credit. You should check your score, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you see.

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    Jenna J. If your credit scores are still anywhere close to 500, you are going to have a hard time getting a credit card anywhere. The easiest places to get credit cards at are places such as JCPenny, Sears, Kaufmann's, Kohl's and then Capital One, Household Bank, Orchard Bank, and First Premier. However, as mentioned above it is going to be very difficult to obtain credit if your score is anywhere still remotely that low. You have a few options.

    1. Get 2 secured credit cards. You give a 300-500 deposit and receive the same limit on a credit card. You will use these both as normal credit cards and make payments as well. You are giving the deposit to insure that you won't default on the card. This will significantly boost your credit.

    2. Try asking around for a friend of family member or someone to allow you to piggyback off of their credit. How this works: the person will add you as an authorized user to their credit card account and as an authorized user the credit card company will automatically give you their credit history on that card as well. You do not need to really have access to this card, nor do you need to obtain a copy of the card or ever use it. You are simply added to the account. This will only work if the credit card company reports this to the credit agency (which many do), the person adding you has a long established credit history with this card and they have a great payment history.

    Read this blog below about credit and credit scoring for more tips on boosting credit.

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      For your option 2; Does your credit history go on the other persons credit also? if so then would just defeat the purpose.

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    If you are trying to reestablish credit and not having any luck opening a new credit card, go to your local bank and apply for a secured credit card. The credit limit on this card will be backed up by the deposit the institution requires you to leave.. usually $500. They will hold your deposit as collateral.. if you don't pay your credit card responsibly, they have your deposit. But if you use your credit card and pay your monthly payments on time, they will eventually qualify you for a non secured credit card.

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    Try Orchard Bank or First Premier Bank. They are the easiest credit cards to get with bad credit and will help you build a better credit score. They do however, come with annual fees.

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    Palis Royal Sept Store is the easiest to get.

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    for those kind of questions, I would always check:

    helped a lot, for me at least.

    Good Luck

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    Every time i submit a question, even if it is the simplest one, they cant give me a good informed answer on this website. wtf happened to people who actually take the time to answer??

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