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Random Bruising?

I have been getting random bruises from out of no where! Its lasted for about a month. Its starting to worry me, The muscle underneath the bruise is very tender and swollen. If anyone could give me any information as to what is doing this please tell me! Thank you so much!


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    you could possibly be anemic. unexplained bruising is a common sign of anemia (i know b/c i have it and i'm also a nurse)

    other signs of anemia are

    -extreme fatigue

    -palenessor coldness to skin

    -low blood pressure

    -rapid heartrate


    -dizziness (especially when standing up)

    i would make an appt to see your dr and have bloodwork done to rule out any serious medical conditions.

    other things that can cause unexplained bruising are

    -vitamin deficiences (vitamin K,B12, or C)

    -certain medications (birth control pills can increase risk of bruising)

    -clotting disorders

    all of these things can be found or ruled out through bloodwork so see your dr soon!!

    Source(s): i work in trauma icu have iron deficient anemia
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    Are you on any medications like Aspirin, Plavix or Coumadin that could make you prone to bleeding? Is there any bleeding disorders in your family?

    I would go to the doc and ask for lab work - CBC to check platelet count, and if it is low that would explain the easy bruising. There are many causes of low platelets including cancers...i would get to the doc pronto. Below is a website if you want more info...Good luck and be careful

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    of course i'd say "see a doctor"

    you might have excess of blood. also sometimes we get hit but forget, then wonder where the bruise came from..

    get well soon :)

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