itchy scalp?? could it be from sunburn?

i went to the beach about 1 week ago.... i got burnt everywhere that wasnt covered(yes i used sunblock)

i had my hair parted down the middle (no sunblock or hat on my head) and it got burned.

i have dandruff anyway and have been using nizoral for the last few months which really cleared it up... no problems since

i noticed last night that my head was very itchy and very flaky.i washed my hair twice and i still had flakes!!

i rinsed my hair fot TEN minutes tonight and they wont go away

is it possible that my scalp is peeling from the sunburn? any suggestions/helpful hints would be greatly appreciated/



btw, ive used head n shoulders in the past and it didnt help.....

Update 2:

i wash my hair almost everyday and if i cant;i do it every other day

and when i wash i use nizoral

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yeah, sounds like it's just from the sunburn. I have the same problem. I work outside on the weekends and I can't wear a hat - I try not to wear parts, but I have gotten sunburns. The peeling/flakes was different than my normal dandruff flakes - they were bigger (gross, I know) and I could feel the pain of the fresh scalp underneath. I didn't find anything to help with it, though - I just kept using the T-Sal shampoo that I usually use. Maybe try using a hairdryer to blow the flakes out if you don't dry your hair that way already.

    Let me know if YOU find anything that works!

    Good luck!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yea its pry the sunburn. i'm not really sure what helps it go away. you could put normal sunburn stuff on it like aloe vera i think? and i guess in the future try to wear a hat! sorry

    and good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you have dandruff then you will have continuous itching. Wash the hair regularly with shampoo. I had too much dandruf and lost lot of hair and became half bald. Then I started washing hair daily and twice in a week with shampoo and now it (dandruf)has just vanished.

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