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Where can I buy a huge sword?

I want to buy a huge (7 feet long or longer) sword that is very sharp and good quality

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    Swords never reached a height of 7 feet, the torque created by a long sword on a wrist can make a sword of 2 pounds feel around ten or more during a swing. If you want a good Nodachi sword, the longest you can find is 61 to 68(VERY RARE). Ive seen monstrosities created by idiots that lacked any quality. Heres a Nodachi that i believe to be mediocre, Its carbon steel, but if i were you i would refrain from buying it, they dont list numbers on the steel hardness.

    There are also the Cold Steel Okatanas, those things arent Huge but definatly larger than most, ive had one and it was great. Best of luck on finding a sword.

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    You have two choices:

    You can buy a Japanese Nodachi or rather a replica since authentic Nodachi's are pretty rare. Or you can buy a Scottish Claymore. An antique shop or a sword specialty store would be your best bet, although it'll probably cost you an arm and a leg.

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    dai-katana or a zweihander.

    I don't know of any place off-hand that sells dai-katanas, and 7 feet is way too long to use practicably for most people.


    they might make it custom for you or you can try for a zweihander or european style sword:

    Unless it was a parade or ceremonial (non-functional) sword, even the large zweihanders were no longer than 6 feet and weighed around 5 lbs.

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    What you're looking for is called either an O-Tachi or O-Katana.

    Google these: Atlanta Cutlery, Museum Replicas, Mantis Swords, e-bogu.

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    My friend Tony has made a "Big" sword,it was for a TV commercial.The Marine Corp.

    His shop is in Burbank,CA.

    Source(s): I have worked with Tony on: Hook,Three Muskteers,Zorro,Blade II
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    Trying to compensate for something there are we? ;)

    Don't worry pal... just tell yourself that it's not the size of the sword, it's the skill with which you wield it!

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    go to an antique store or buy one off ebay

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    do people even make swords that big????

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