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environmentally speaking, why are some places GREENER than others?

why are some geographical areas seemingly more 'green' than others?

here in the states, many of the 'good ideas' discussed here on YA are already being implemented in places like washington, oregon, minnesota... but you seldom see any mention of interest in many of the other parts of the nation.

what exactly is it about certain parts of the USA (or please feel free to use your country if you're not an american) that make them more open than others to 'green' ideas like sustainability, permaculture, and ecologically sound planning? is it the people living there? the physical environment they're in? the experience and proximity of native american populations who historically respect the earth? is it that the presence of a few enlightened individuals in a locality is enough to make that much of a difference?

and if i'm wrong, tell me why you think so! thanks in advance.


topgunstyle: i agree wholeheartedly. an enlightened populace is key.

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    The more Universities & even Community Colleges in a city makes for a more educated community. Cities that have mayors & other active leaders that are inspired to make a difference, to enhance their city, & to preserve the Land. Cities that have many health conscious outlets such as Organic Markets,Fresh Local Organic Farmers markets, green Leed Building Groups, Health Clubs, yoga & art studios. Bohemian & the creative class crave to enhance , and bring out the beautiful, so they stand for positive change. Cities and States that have renewable Energy Tax incentives, like a tax break if your home was set up with Solar Panels, or tax breaks on buyers who chose Hybric Cars. Cities that have excellent public transportation, or where you would not need a car always, You may see Sweet bike lanes that are safe and well designed. Cities that are pedestrian friendly & where you have community involvement, Greener cities is a great thing, more & more towns are realizing it's a better quality of life to keep this earth magical for our kids -kids-kids, Cities where people are open minded & open to Change for the better. Cities that believe in being the change they wish to see in the ....Love All

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    In the deep south here, 'going green' falls upon deaf ears. I tried to buy a Toyota Camry Hybrid in my town but they didn't have what I wanted (they had 3 in stock...) so I tried to order one. They gave me such a deep discount on what they had b/c they aren't selling.

    Of course, who can blame them. They hybrid trucks are over priced and get only a mpg or 2 better than conventional gas. And in my area, truck is the word. This oil country and forest country and cotton country. We have trucks. We do more highway than city miles. So hybrids don't really help us in general.

    Most people don't recycle here. There are no recycle trucks or pickup in my area and in an area of 500,000 people there are only a few locations to drop recycling at. So there is very little incentive to drive miles on your truck to recycle stuff yourself.

    Politicians don't mention green here. Green is an ugly word here. When oil is king, green is bad. If the government want to give tax credits , then by-golly give credits for solar, hybid, whatever. A few hundred here and there won't help my area. However, push that to a few thousand, maybe add an annual credit, and my area might see green also.

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    Check out the dreaming of the land and the vibe of the spirits of each place and there you find the background for a deeper understanding of a local biosphere...

    My heart is greener than ...

    Green Ray of gods light - seemingly like a green Dao seal -

    Planet Tamers like gardeners from Vega...

    My green Eyes see the Jungle , my Eartheart feel emerald...

    Lush moist depends on the spin of a place...

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    Increased population density leads people to realize the environmental impact of humans faster than those who live in low density areas. Same goes for progressive social programs. The more people that you cram into an area, the less able that the natural system will be able to handle their impact and the more likely that intervention will have to be taken in the form of environmental and social engineering.

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    years ago i'd have to say the amount of annual rainfall but now keeping motherearth as it was before man came and changed it.....a greener community recycles plastics, newspapers, used oils and toxic wastes among other manmade products so that they do not harm the envirorment. I would have to say that the greenest communites try and also get neighboring cities, states, and governments to become for environmental concienious so they can learn how to save the earth from our destruction

    Source(s): me.....well i read a lot of things from the sierra club and natural conservation clubs...........tweet
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    Not much green here in the south. Oh and we dont always recycle here either. I think that is what you are referring at least in little neck of the territory. Most down here just dont give a damn. That;s the facts as I see it here. But you make some good points.

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    I think that here in Berkeley it's because this area has always been progressive. In more conservative places, like the midwest and deep south you will find that people are less open to new ideas and will usually consider it "against God" in some way. They think that God doesn't like anything new I guess.

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    i think you find the most people willing to go down the green road are doing it because of their political persuasion. they see somthing like the kyoto agreement really putting the screws to big companies and they say..."YEAH!!!" they don't care if climate change is real or not, that's why they ridicule anyone who debunks al gores movie with facts..if it were anything else, they would at least consider opposing views without stooping to name calling , like al gore does..he says "deniers" are the same people who think the moon landing was faked in arizona...oy...and he is trying to raise awareness to the masses, yet tearing down anyone who questions his claims. thanks al, i am now aware you think i am a idiot for doubting you...oh, well,...where do i sign up to serve you sir?

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    I reuse my plastic paying for bags for rubbish. That way i do no longer ought to purchase those costly trash bags & it saves on the oil that could have been used to lead them to. so some distance as your enemies, Why no longer kiss & make up.

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