Arkansas College?

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    Despite what the first answer you got implies, there are several very good colleges and universities all over the state. Arkansas has one of the best community college systems in the country (most of them are now tied to the state system). I graduated with my Bachelor's from the University of AR at Monticello (UAM). Although I wasn't under this department, UAM has one of the best Math & Science Colleges around. You should take into consideration what you want to major in when deciding on your school.

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    Which Arkansas college? There are quite a few of them, and many of them are exceptional! Additionally, through the efforts of former Governor Clinton (whatever you think about his politics), it is possible for most lower-income students to go to a four-year university and get grants and other financial aid.

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    do you know anything about arkansas? you'd be ****** nuts for going to school there. you'd have half-bred kids. try another school. somewhere that DOESN'T let brother/sister, dad/daughter marry.

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