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Would this be a good Fantasy Baseball Trade?

I proposed this trade and im wondering if it is a good one.

I would get Adam Wainwright and Hunter Pence And they would get Scott Kazmir and Nick Markakis.

My roster is

C Jason Varitek

1B Prince Fielder

2B Ray Durham or Howie Kendrick

3B Ryan Zimmerman

SS Felipe Lopez

OF Carlos Beltran

OF Carlos Lee

OF Jason Bay

Utill Delmon Young

BN Nick Markakis

BN Ray Durham or Howie Kendrick

BN Ramon Hernandez

SP Scott Kazmir

SP Jered Weaver

RP Joe Nathan

RP Mariano Rivera

P Josh Beckett

P Jose Valverdre

P Eric Gagne

BN Jeff Supan


Also should i kepp Felipe Lopez 242 Avg 4 HR 32 RBI 31 Runs 11 Steals in 82 Games. On Free Agency there is Julio Lugo ( hes battin 197) Bobby Crosby ( only 226) Jhonny Peralta, Mark Loretta and Troy Tulwitzki

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    Hunter Pence is this year's Nick Markakis. Markakis is in a bit of a sophomore slump this year - he's been OK, but Pence is offering much more at the moment. So I would give you the better end of the deal there.

    As for the pitchers - I think it depends on whether or not you have K's as a stat. That's about all Kazmir is worth right now. Both he and Wainwright play on bad teams and will pile up the losses, but at least Kazmir will get you a bunch of K's.

    I'd say overall, it's a pretty good deal. You always have to give up something to get something, and you're not giving up too much. I would pull the tigger, because position players always offer more than Pitchers, and your rotation looks pretty good as it is anyway.

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    I think its pretty good. Kazmir has not had a good year, and Wainwright really hasn't either. That would be a pretty fair swap, except that Kazmir gets more K's.

    Nick Markakis is pretty good, but Hunter Pence is just on fire. He's hitting .350 and with 10 homers. I'd do the trade and put Pence at utility for Delmon until Pence cools off.

    I would definetely drop Felipe Lopez. I would pick up either Troy Tulowitzki since he's hot right now, or Jhonny Peralta. Peralta is a great shortstop who can give you 25 homeruns and score. Hope I could help!

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  • Keep Kaz and Markakis...This trade really comes down the the rookie phenom Hunter Pence for the young Devil Ray flamethrower, Kazmir, and the Greek sensation Nick Markakis. Wainwright is not worth a roster spot in any mixed league. Looking at your roster I think you're weaker at SP beckett is legit, but Weaver is inconsistent and Suppan should be dumped. Kazmir will improve in the second half of the season and Markakis is not as good as Pence, but is good enough to platoon at Util or OF on your team if needed.

    I'd drop Lopez for Peralta in a heartbeat.

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    Two things: Don't make that trade, and pick up Julio Lugo.

    Kazmir is not pitching to his full capabilities right now, with an ERA almost a full point higher than his end of the year numbers from last season; he can't pitch much worse. Wainwright is simply a player who got way too much hype after being a dominating RELIEVER in the playoffs last year. He has struggled and should continue to struggle as a starter.

    I like Pence but his numbers are a bit deceiving. If you check out the hardcore statistics, you will see that Pence's BABIP (Batting Average on Balls In Play) is .392, which is unusually high. Not taking anything away from his great first half, but he has been considerably lucky so far given this number. Expect his BA (and subsequently the rest of his numbers) to go down. Meanwhile, Markakis hit .311 last year after the ASB with 14 of his 16 homers coming in that time-frame as well. A player of his caliber is more than capable of repeating (or surpassing) this performance.

    I say you pick up Julio Lugo. I know he has had a terrible first half, but he hit .300 in the final week before the ASB and received a standing ovation from the Boston crowd after his 2-3 game against Tampa Bay last week (Lame, I know, but still). Players who end the first half on a high often bring it into the second half. Couple the fact that Lugo is hitting nearly 100 points lower than his career average with the fact that Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz both hit their career lows in one half this pre-ASB and you can assume that once Lugo regains the lead-off role he will be stealing a lot of bases and scoring a ton of runs once Man-Ram and Big Papi heat up.

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    This trade is fairly simple: SP and OF for SP and OF

    I believe that Kazmir and Wainwright are about equal. Wainwright has been better of late, but Kaz has the ability to bounce back. He's a young pitcher with a lot of talent who's going through a tough stretch.

    Meanwhile, Hunter Pence is way better than Nick Markakis.

    This trade should favor you, so go on and hope he accepts.

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    i'm not sure if that's a good trade just b/c i don't know much about kazmir or markakis. but i DO NOT suggest that you pick up Julio Lugo! i had him on my team thinking that he was going to be a decent pickup. the only thing he has done all year worth noting is steal something like 22 bases. he doesn't get on base much, he's hitting below .200, and he doesn't hit for power. lately, he's been held out of the lineup.

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    Pence is worth trading for, but wainwright is practically useless. You'll be losing k's but gaining offensively. I think you could probably get a little more.

    For the SS, I would definitely drop lopez in favor of lugo or tulowitzki who is really hot this month.

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  • 3 years ago

    that is not even close. No commerce. Navarro is a robust catcherbut Harden if greater constructive than Lilly and Fielder is greater constructive at his place than Navarro. i'm questioning in case you have a 1B already and it is the reason you're even observing this commerce? if so, you additionally could make a greater constructive deal than this one. you will come across a lower back-up on the FA checklist.

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    Keep Kazmir and Markakis for sure.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Pence is a stud, go for it.

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