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Whatever happened to R*E*S*P*E*C*T?

It could be just me, but it seems nobody has “respect” for anything or anybody anymore.

Have we grown so politically jaded, that as long as “our side wins” – that’s all that matters?

Why don’t people respect themselves enough to open their minds and listen? To try to “respect” someone else’s ideas or point of view long enough to make sure that “they” might be wrong or even right? Why do we feel the need to wrap ourselves in a political blanket before considering the consequences of our actions?

If we don’t respect ourselves enough to learn, how can we expect anyone (other nations) to respect us?

Whatever happened to R*E*S*P*E*C*T?

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    This links to another question that was just posted about whether your country, your party or your religion demands your loyalty. For too many people who are very active in discussion on this and other web services I hear constant homage paid to party. It would be easy to find places where religion would be the strong point. It is much harder to find people who want to do the right thing for their country.

    This was a very good question and mirrors my own thoughts. It is clear that once someone is labelled as a conservative or a progressive that "the other side" has found an enemy. I strongly believe that the trend has become so prounounced that there are people who would be happy to see our country harmed if it resulted in their religion or party "winning".

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    A couple of thought on this;

    politics of personal destruction, it started when someone first called a standing President stupid on national television, remember, "it's the economy stupid", things have declined significantly since then. I posted a question along these lines about a years, the lack of civility in political discourse.

    there is also the issue of a basic lack of morality today from a percentage of the population and that leads directly to a lack of respect, it is narcissistic nihilism. google it, it is an interesting subject.

    finally, I used to turn the other check, even today I will avoid responding to people who show no morality in their arguments and will not talk with them, but today

    I am going to follow do unto others, as they do unto me.

    BTW, the best answer is from Moneta_Lucina, if I could only write half as well a she, the socialists would all be hard core capitalists by now.

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    Respect has gone the way of most 'moral' type niceties.

    I feel it is the advent of this notion that 'humans are animals too' that has brought this about. If you ascribe to this, then what does it matter if you behave according to your base nature?

    I advocate rational and respectful dialog, as the hateful and disrespectful verbiage illicit nothing more than the same. It is in fact counter to any hope of finding any resolution on any matter.

    It is further necessary that we stop taking umbrage to every perceived insult. If I say illogical liberals, and you aren't illogical, then I'm not taking about you, just illogical ones.

    I find "con" to be pejorative, but react with a shrug . . . because if I focus on the insult, the true point is lost.

    People must also realize that respect is not a given, it is earned through deeds, words and actions. If you have done nothing worthy of respect, then you have not earned respect.

    In this forum, it is paramount that your words engender respect, as we are not privy to deeds and actions in one another's lives.

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    When one have respect for themselves then they can have respect for others.

    When you see all the name calling and bashing know that the person that is doing it has a lot of self hate.

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    The computer is part of the problem. It is the anonymous nature of blogs, Y/A, message boards, and even emails. Here I am Plezurgui, not even a real human name, much less a flesh and blood individual. It is easier to be rude to a pseudonym than a person.

    The Liberals are blindly devoted to their ideology and get angry when we don't embrace it. It is one of those situations where they don't want to be confused by facts, they KNOW what is best for you and me and I suppose they get frustrated when we won't swallow their ill thought out devotion to socialism. Never mind that it has been tried and tried and it has never succeeded.

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    When people began believing that every aspect of another person's life was their business, respect went down the toilet. No one is perfect, therefore someone will not have respect for them for one reason or another. Generally it is due to lack of understanding and consideration for varying circumstances. As long as there is more than one person alive on earth, there will be more than one opinion of what is acceptable. Holding any political position is an endless, thankless job. It is easier to criticize than present solutions.

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    As far as in the political debate type arena, I trace it to the advent of Limbaugh in the early 90's.

    He (and his minions) said Clinton wasn't the legitimate commander-in-chief, referred to the US under Bubba's presidency as "America held hostage",etc., and millions of Republican drones agreed with him ("dittoheads").

    That climate has continued into the Bush Admin, and I find it amusing when Cons seem to think that the level of vitriol started with liberal attacks on Bush.

    I would go on to say that, as much as it seems exasperating and pointless ( a lot of it is), there are definitely plenty of forums on the web (even YA at times) where there is productive political debate. In the past, a Dem or Repub zealot in many cases, would only be exposed to their own friends/family who generally tended to adhere to the same political beliefs. There wasn't as much battling going on between ordinary citizens because the Republican and the Liberal would rarely have much direct dialogue with each other at all.

    For some people at least, developing the capacity to question and/or defend their political beliefs is possible, though to admit there are a lot of hopeless cases out there (here).

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    Good post. Too many people are resorting to childish remarks on here anymore. They seem to think freedom of speech means you can be rude and bad mouth others. I don't think that is why the first Amendment was meant for.

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    It's been slowly dying out over the past 30 years.

    Every generation since the baby boomers has become increasingly selfish & self serving.

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    It won a Grammy for Aretha and made her lots of money what more could you ask for? Your point is very well taken dialog begins with respect not put downs, so I gift you a star

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