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Where can i adopt a dog on salem oregon?

The dog must be under 35 pounds and older than 3 years. Thanks

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    I used to work for the humane society on Turner Rd. It's out just past where I-5 crosses over the road. You can visit the adoption center and put in a request for a smaller dog and they will let you know when one comes in. There is a long list though and they might also point you in the direction of a rescue group for smaller dogs. Good Luck

  • Check with Petco.

    628 Lancaster Dr NE

    Salem, OR


    Phone: (503) 391-1828

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    Here's a good place to adopt a dog in Salem, OR. Hope the link works.

    Source(s): Yahoo search "adopt dog Salem Oregon"
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    Try, it's a website that's designed to help people find homes for their pets. Or try Craigslist for Salem,

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    Search for shelters in your area online, go to your local Petsmart (they usually have rescue groups in them on the weekends), or look in your local paper.

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    the local aspca or sicsa(pound) available in all fifty states.

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    Check out this site! :)

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