70% of Muslim converts are women, if Islam was unfair to women then why would they convert?

thats western women by the way!


To people who say that most of them were persuaded by men, here is a very common example: Right after 9/11 this girl next door from California reverted to Islam.. ( her family is Christian! ) she said she did not even know any thing about Islam till 9/11 and then she read the Quran to get some perspective and BAM! she reverted to Islam.

Update 2:

Why there are less men converting?

Because Islam would cramp there style as to say, no drinking, no partying late, no sleeping around, no porn, no looking at women as objects or talking about there @ss behind there back.. you can see............

Source: we were having this discussion in my civics class and my teacher told us and he is not Muslim...... I'll ask him when I go to my class next week!

we were talking about this Islam being oppressive to women thing when he pointed it out!

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    women who revert are looking for answers they didnt find in their previous religion(or lack of religion) and when they approach Islam its with hopes that their answers will be found there. Islam is unique in that there is nothing that stands between you and God...no pope, no priests, no scholars etc...just you and the Boss. Thats makes it much more personal in my opinion. You are required by God to think for yourself....not to accept things blindly...to search for answers and educate yourself even if you have to leave your country and go somewhere else to do that. Women are taught in Islam that God values you because you are a creation of God...worthy of his Mercy and Forgiveness...that being female should not hinder you or cause you the least amount of discomfort in your life....if it does its because of people, culture, tradition, etc and not because God santions it or asks for it. Women open the Quran and find God talking directly to them....and thats awe inspiring as no religion does that...most speak to men who are then supposed to teach women(or not as they choose). Women find comfort and solace in Islam...they find justice and equality in Islam...they find Forgiveness and Mercy from God and no blame for being female...God created us female and God is the best of creators.

    Western women approach Islam most often by the Quran itself and not by external sources such as the hadith and other scholarly writings...those writings are always where you find all the oppressive actions taken against women...not in the Quran. So western women are reading and learning Islam from its pure original source and liking what they find. How can anyone say that all these women have lost their minds and willingly reverted to a religion that will oppress and subjegate them without first looking into why all these women are willingly reverting to a religion that appears like this in the news and by peoples unIslamic practice....obviously all these women are finding something more...something better...something that speaks to them...and thats worth looking into no matter who you are and where you come from.

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    I am not Muslim, but for those answerers who say the husbands pressure the women to convert is not true. I am a Christian and engaged to a Muslim. He would never, ever pressure me to change my religion and I would never do that to him either. We have respect and love for each other and accept each other as they are. His family knows I am Christian and they too would never pressure me to convert. I am currently reading the Quran and know that the Islamic religion holds women in high esteem. I also thought they were oppressed until I started reading the Quran. To the reader who says only fat, ugly women convert, you are totally wrong. I know some women who have converted to Islam and that are by no means fat or ugly. I can tell you this though, I am sure before and after conversion they realize they are treated as women and admired for being one. Muslims don't judge a woman on her outward appearance, they accept her for who she is and look for the personality and characteristics more than any outward beauty. They realize it is the heart of a woman that is most important and that is what makes her beautiful.

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      You do know that your children can't practise Christianity then right? Because the religion will be of the father as Hadith says so. If you're okay with that then great!

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    Alhamdullilah sister that is the way I feel. I also didn't know anything about Islam until 9/11. But I thought about it after I left Christianity in September of 2006 and researched Islam and asked my male Muslim brothers and friends about Islam especially about how the women are viewed and treated and I decided that Islam made the most sense so I reverted to Islam October 1st, 2006. Islam does not oppress me at all and I reverted to Islam after I researched reliable websites on Islam and read a few books on Islam. I like Islam because it gives me more rights then any other religion on the Earth and it doesn't damn me to Hell just because I am a woman. I also respect my brothers in Islam for respecting me for my mind and not my body and how they think that I am equal to them and see me as a person that is to be respected and that I have a soul. I did revert once but it was for my ex Pakistan boyfriend so it doesn't count. I was not forced to revert and I reverted because I truely believed in ALLAH(SWT) and Muhammad(PBUH*).

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    What a great question!!

    I studied music (played french horn), at a at university with a very highly regarded music faculty. It was a matter of fact (for a female student) that at auditions for the orchestra, if you dressed "attractively" you would get a better seat than a female who dressed conservatively. The same went for your marked concerts - the mark increased according to how you dressed and who it was that was marking. It was even known which profs preferred low necklines, and which preferred mini-skirts. Or, female students would sleep with the profs and end up with great marks, although they didn´t play that well. The same goes for the music industry as a whole, although auditions at a higher level are sometimes done from behind a screen, thank god. But all other "rules" still apply, unfortunately.

    I reverted to Islam 13 years ago, and I´ve never looked back. Finally I am taken as a person and not as a sex-object. And if I suffer from discrimination because of my hijab, it is by NON-muslims. How ironic.

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    That maybe true but also a large number of converted men were priests and preachers I think that is a good subject to discuss too in your class.

    If Islam wasn't the true religion why would religious men like priests, missionaries and preachers leave the Christian religion to join Islam? In the other hand the number of Imam's who leave Islam to Christianity is 000.?!!

    Anselm Tormeeda - 14th century CE scholar and priest

    · Abdullah al-Faruq - Formerly Kenneth L. Jenkins, minister and elder of the Pentecostal Church

    · Viacheslav Polosin - Former Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church

    · Khadijah 'Sue' Watson - Former pastor, missionary, professor. Master's degree in Divinity

    · Ibrahim Khalil - Former Egyptian Coptic priest

    · Anonymous Female Missionary - Former Catholic missionary

    · Martin John Mwaipopo - Former Lutheran Archbishop

    · Raphael - Former Jehovah's Witness minister

    · George Anthony - Former Catholic priest

    · Dr. Gary Miller (Abdul-Ahad Omar) - Former missionary......




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    I'm one of these women who was not influenced by a man.

    EDIT: to Peter D above: Every Muslimah revert I know has gained at least some weight AFTER BECOMING Muslim because they no longer have to worry about petty things like the way soceity views them. They don't have to worry about fitting into passing fashion fads and the passing fancies of men! Alhamdulillah! Did you know all these reverts before they became Muslim?? Just some food for thought!

    Source(s): Yea Islam! Happy Female Muslim Revert!
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    In my thinking when ppl listen about ISLAM on media.As u kno media is just trying 2 malline islam & especially after 9/11 every 1 thinks this religion as it makes terrorist & extremists.

    Therefore they just come & wants 2 kno some how about this religion of terrorism but when they read QURAN & get some knowledge of ISLAM.Then they feel the beauty and truth of ISLAM.


    2nd think my answer 2 those ppl who thinks that when women do thier hijab b/c they r presserized & thinks that when women wear shorts clothes then they r free.

    Thats just discusting exploision of women body infront of every men didnot uplift the women or her respect but it degrades the women.

    Therefore ISLAM has made it compulsory 4 women 2 wear hijab.And this thing increases her respect in the heart of others.But the non-muslims who r blind can't see this beauty

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    I was completely against becoming a Muslim when I was first introduced to it, but when I started reading the Quran and talking to other Muslim sisters, all the questions I had, had as a christian were answered. I have never felt more content in my life. Peace.

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    I can only give an example from what I have seen. There was a girl at our church who met a man from Africa that she began dating. Initially she denied he was Muslim ( his name was mohamed) and later she converted to islam. My hope for her is that she makes a better Muslim than she was a Christian. This is not a negative toward Islam, I already mentioned that she would obviously lie to us. She also was someone who had to be the center of attention and I do not see how ( unless she makes a great change) how this will fit with Islam any better than it does with true Christianity.

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    Alhamdulillah (all praises to Almighty God), another revert here (just over 2 1/2 yrs).

    Islam as the pure religion of Almighty God (Allah) is a complete way of life that looks after women and their rights and gives them complete dignity and respect. I am an independent thinker, always have been, and embraced Islam from my own convictions - alhamdulillah.

    "Heaven lies at the feet of the mother"

    “The rights of women are sacred. See that women are maintained in the rights assigned to them.”

    “God enjoins you to treat women well, for they are your mothers, daughters, aunts.”

    “Women are the twin halves of men.”

    “A virtuous wife is a man's best treasure.”

    “He is the most perfect Muslim whose disposition is best; and the best of you are they who behave best to their wives.”

    “Admonish your wives with kindness.”

    -- prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

    Islam is the way for peace.

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