How to recharge a window A/C unit w/ freon?

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I have all the manifold test gauges. Is there a web site for step by step instuctions?
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Sorry to bust your bubble, but if you are not a certified technician, it is illegal for you to gas an A/C unit. Freon destroys the ozone layer, and is now regulated due to this fact. If caught, you COULD be subjected to a $20,000 fine. Having said that, there are myriads of online sites full of info and head pressure (etc.) specs that you would need, (assuming you have the proper type gas for your unit). Just google it.
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  • AppliancePro answered 7 years ago
    get you an A-2 tap and place it onto the fat suction line going into the compressor .
    attach the blue hose to the A-2 line tap.
    attach the bottle of R-22 to the yellow hose .
    attach the red hose to the vacuum pump
    open all hoses (leave freon R-22 bottle closed for now).
    pull a good vacuum down to neg 30 if possible
    for at least 30 minutes
    then shut off red hose and vaccuum pump
    wait 10 mins to see if vacuum holds
    proceed to open R-22 and open the blue hose,
    allow freon to go into unit and equalize,
    then turn the unit on...slowly add the freon till it gets to 68 PSI over charging will cause it to choke down .
    use a clamp on ampmeter to make sure the ac head pressure does not cause excessive amp draw. (skip this step if you aint got one)by the way if your guages aren't working you can charge a unit by using a clamp on meter . when the amp draw gets to where the total amps of the unit (on the serial number plate),then it is just about right. confused now? LOL anyway if all the moisture is properly removed then charging should be pretty easy, some take a long time to charge some take a short time. depends on the pump(compressor)
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  • dadcat00759 answered 7 years ago
    Try this webpage for your answers
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  • Fordman answered 7 years ago
    You may have to purchase a saddle valve to install on the low suction side of the AC line. Also be sure to use the proper type of freon. It will most likely be either r-12 or r-22. the pressures may be listed on the inside of the AC unit. good luck.
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  • ? answered 7 years ago
    do you have refrigerant?? do you have an access port to hook the gauges to? do you want to waste your money and time fixing a 100 dollar window unit? if you dont have refrigerant you will need to buy some assuming you do have your EPA license...let the thing die and give it a proper burial!

    good luck!
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