AMD vs. Intel processors?

AMD vs. Intel processors, which is better to have?


I have a E-machines desktop that has Intel motherboard and processor.It is the new desktop product line from Emachines that has Vista on it.I got this computer brand new 4 months ago now. I see E-Machines are going to Amd instead of Intel,could this mean that AMD is better than Intel?

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    currently intel is cheaper and faster because

    core 2 duo e6300/6350 stacked up to the best amd x2 and fx models available on benchmarks and is cheaper.

    intel uses less energy then the current generation of amd's.

    amd signed a deal with dell seeling most prodcution cpu's to dell, raising the street price of amd's above many intel processors.

    e6550 expected to retail at $163 by july 22 2007

    however, by Q4 AMD is expected to come out with a processor that will blow intel out of the water and regain their position as both energy efficient and powerful. pricing will still be higher due to AMD's contract with dell

    overall intel has better value/dollar ad the most power.

    as for AMD gaining market shares, its due to their earlier superior models. Athlon 64 was more energy efficient and faster than P4 without hyperthreading. With hyper threadin speed was even but P4 consumed a much greater amount of power. Also most dells produced are offered with a default processor from AMD. The contract with dell and previously superior models account for AMD's earlier success but many business journals are reporting that despite a rise in market shares, AMD's contract with dell has cut out hobby builders and smaller comapnies from purchasing AMD cpu's leading to a long term fai;ure that intel will capitalize on.

    emachines is going toward amd because they can obtain the cpu direct from amd so they buy the cpu without market influence. amd recently made a major price cut but it was never reflected due to limited supply and high demand. since emachines can get it without market influence, a processor that would cost average consumers well over 150 dollars costs them under 50 dollars. also emcahines is a budget machine company much like dell. even the intel cpu's they use are low end celeron d's

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    1 decade ago

    Currently Intel is the faster and more expensive. AMD is going to be releasing a chip in the next few months that should be faster than the current Intel set. Shortly after that, Intel will do the same. So it really is a toss up. Just decide which you would rather use.

  • 5 years ago

    AMD is the wiser choice unless you have too much money to spend.

    AMD always has to this day, beat intel on price per performance.

    There is nothing anyone can say against that fact. Only agree with it.

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    So much junk has been said so far, do yourself a favor and just ignore most of it. I think what you are wanting to know is why is eMachines going with AMD now. AMD is for the most part a little less expensive than Intel, and since eMachines is a budget line of computers it would make sense that they would be using AMD chips. As for better, they are both high quality, the tend to trade the performance lead back and forth, Intel ahead at the moment.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Similar performance but the main difference is the methods that they use. To put it simply AMD does the computation directly, whereas Intel does the computation in a weird and illogical way. however in the end the perform similar.

    I would say AMD is better as its more sophisticated

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    1 decade ago

    Pretty evenly matched. I prefer AMD. They are just as good and fast (if not faster) than comparable Intel chips and are not as expensive. So cost factor gives the nod to AMD.

  • 1 decade ago

    Intel. A lot faster, even though AMD is cheaper.

  • 1 decade ago

    Honestly...for 99% of the population, it couldn't matter more...both are VERY high quality...go for speed, capacity, etc...a strong motherboard...NO Dell junk.

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    I will take AMD over Intel any day, they use less power and generate less heat.,,3715_13368_13369,

  • 1 decade ago

    The kid who just posted is retarded and doesnt know ****.

    AMD is better, that's why they have taken 20% of the marketshare in the last 3 years........

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