Okay....I'll name the actor. Can you name the tv show(s) he was in??

I'll name the actor. You name the tv role or roles:


James Arness♥

Robert Young

Dennis Weaver

James Garner

Jay Silverheels

Michael Landon



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  • sarge
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    1 decade ago
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    James Arness-Gunsmoke as Marshall Matthew (Matt) Dillon and How the West Was Won as Zeb Macahan

    Robert Young-Father Knows Best as Jim Anderson and Marcus Welby MD as Dr. Marcus Welby

    Dennis Weaver-Gunsmoke as Chester Goode and McCloud as Sam McCloud

    James Garner- Maverick as Bret Maverick and The Rockford Files as Jim Rockford

    Jay Silverheels- The Lone Ranger as Tonto

    Michael Landon- Bonanza as Little Joe Cartwright, Little House on the Prarie as Charles Ingalls and Highway to Heaven as Jonathon Smith

  • 1 decade ago

    James Arness - Gunsmoke

    Robert Young - Father Knows Best, Marcus Welby M.D.

    Dennis Weaver - McCleod

    James Garner - Maverick, The Rockford Files, 8 Simple Rules

    Jay Silerheels - The Lone Ranger

    Michael Landon - Bonanza, Little House on The Prairie, Highway To Heaven.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1) James Arness: Gunsmoke

    2) Robert Young: Father KNows Best (screwed that one up); Marcus Welby M.D.

    3) Dennis Weaver: Gunsmoke; Gentle Ben; McLeod

    4) James Garner: Maverick; Nichols; Rockford Files

    5) Jay Silverheels: The Lone Ranger

    6) Michael Landon: Bonanza; Little House On the Prairie; Highway to Heaven

    Not mentioning the various guest appearances..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    James Arness: Gunsmoke

    Robert Young: Marcus Welby, MD & Father Knows Best

    Dennis Weaver: McCloud

    James Garner: some private eye show, can't remember

    Jay Silverheels: Never heard of

    Michael Landon: Little House on the Prarie

    Highway to Heaven

    Ponderosa (I think)

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  • Char
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    1 decade ago

    James Arness♥ - GUNSMOKE Marshal MattBaby Dillon

    Robert Young - Father Knows Best - Jim Anderson

    Dennis Weaver - McCloud - Sam McCloud

    James Garner - The Rockford Files - Jim Rockford

    Jay Silverheels - The Lone Ranger - Tonto

    Michael Landon - Little House on the Prairie [Charles Ingalls], also Bonanza [Little Joe]

  • 1 decade ago

    James Arness-Gunsmoke (I like him too)

    Robert Young-Marcus Welby, MD

    Dennis Weaver-McCloud and Gunsmoke

    James Garner-Maverick, Rockford Files

    Jay Silverheels-Lone Ranger

    Michael Landon-bonanza, little house on the prairie, highway to heaven

    Source(s): watching tv and living with a cowboy fanantic
  • 1 decade ago

    Gun smoke as Matt Dillon /James Arness

    Marcus welby MD /Robert Young

    Mccloud / Dennis Weaver

    The Rockford Files and Eight simple Rules as Jim Egan/J amesGarner

    The Lone Ranger as Tonto /Jay Silverheels

    Little House On The Prairie as Charles Ingells

    Highway to Heaven as jonathon Smith/Michael Landon

  • 1 decade ago

    James Arness♥ "Gunsmoke"--Marshall Matt Dillon

    Robert Young "Father Knows Best"--Jim Anderson

    Dennis Weaver "Gunsmoke"--Chester

    James Garner "Maverick"--Bret Maverick

    Jay Silverheels "The Lone Ranger"--Tonto

    Michael Landon "Bonanza"--Little Joe--Joseph Cartwright

  • 1 decade ago

    Gun Smoke

    Father Knows Best & Dr.Welby,MD.

    McCloud & Gun Smoke

    Rockford Files (James Rockford )

    The Lone Ranger (Tonto)

    Bonanza,Little House on The Prarie and Highway to Heaven

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