What's the difference between Kurds and Shiite and Sunni Muslims?

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    Kurds are a tribe... they aren't a sect... and they are mostly Sunni... but NOT all... some are Yezidi... or some other religion...

    Shiat and Sunni are sects of Islam...

    Shiats usually call themselves Shiat of Imam Ali (a.s.) which means "friend of Imam Ali (a.s.)"... they believe that Imam Ali (a.s.)... the Prophet's son-in-law... was appointed his successor by the Prophet himself...

    Sunnis call themselves Ahl Al-Sunnah... which means "the followers of traditions of the Prophet (pbuh&hd)"... They however... elected a caliph right after the Prophet's death...

    While they were electing a caliph... Imam Ali (a.s.) was burying the Prophet... so he wasn't present...

    Shiats believe in 12 Imams who are the decendants of the Prophet... 11 of which have been martyred and the 12th one is hidden and will come back with Jesus (pbuh)...

    Shiats also believe that Sunnis don't exactly follow the traditions of the Prophet (pbuh&hd)... they believe most of their rules was changed by Umar (the second Caliph of Sunnis)...

    As a result in beilivng in different ppl... Shiats and Sunnis do lots of things differently... like the exact way we make wodhoo... or the exact way we pray... or the way we make Ziarat in Mekka... the whole body of these things look alike... but the details are very different...

    Source(s): I'm a Shiat Muslim... The book "Fatima is Fatima" by Dr.Ali Shariati (a Shiat Muslim philosopher) points to lots of historical stuff about how Shiat and Sunni started... Here is a link: http://www.al-islam.org/fatimaisfatima/1.htm
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    The Shi'ite and the Sunni were formed from a political decision involving who would succeed Muhammad in the leadership of Islam.

    Sunni means "People of the Way". They were followers of Abu Bakr and Umar as successors of Muhammad.

    Shi'ite means "Followers of Ali". They are those who believe that Ali was the true successor to Muhammad.

    They have been at war for centuries.

    "Ethnically close to the Iranians, the Kurds were traditionally nomadic herders but are now mostly seminomadic or sedentary. The majority of Kurds are Sunni Muslims. Kurdish dialects belong to the northwestern branch of the Iranian languages. The Kurds have traditionally resisted subjugation by other nations. Despite their lack of political unity throughout history, the Kurds, as individuals and in small groups, have had a lasting impact on developments in SW Asia. Saladin, who gained fame during the Crusades, is perhaps the most famous of all Kurds."

    Source(s): http://www.bartleby.com/65/ku/Kurds.html "Unveiling Islam" by Ergun Caner and Emir Caner
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    the Shiite Sunni Muslim difference goes back centuries, tracing back to the decision of who should have been chosen as the rightful Caliph (Leader of the muslim world). Not sure of the exact details.

    I believe Kurds are an ethnic group who live in the middle east. Culturally different from the Arabs.

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    Kurds aren't sect in Islam they are nation and they are sunnie.

    Sunnie and sheit are sect in Islam.

    They have some different belifes.

    Sheit believe after Muhammad , Imam Ali is leader of Muslims and they have 12 Imam.

    But Sunnie believe After Muhammad Abobakr, Omar and Osman are leader.

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    kurds are the Muslim people that live mostly in northern iraq. sunnis are also a muslim minority. they were the followers of Prophet Muhammad's cousin i think. his cousin was declined to be the caliph. and his followers thought that he shouldve been the caliph. but the shiites thought that Muhammads cousin shouldnt have been the caliph. since then these two religious groups have been separated. hope you get it now.

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    1) Kurds are non-Arab Muslims. They are typically hated by the Arab Muslims, the Iranians, and the Turks (see the current problems of the Kurds with their neighbors).

    2) Shiites can be Arabs or non-Arabs. In example, the majority of Iranians are Shiite Muslims. They are typically hated by Shiite and especially Sunni Arabs (see the Iran-Iraq war).

    3) Sunnis can be Arabs or non-Arabs. In example, the majority of Saudis are Sunnis. In general, Sunni Arab Muslims typically hate Sunni black Muslims (see Darfur).

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    Ismail Eliat: "Fighting erupted only after Iraq, US invasion."

    That is bullshit. There has been fighting between the different groups for a long time, and it is as senseless as the fighting between Protestants and Catholics.

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    Sunnis are Muslims

    Shiites are Muslims

    Kurds are tribes. ( Muslims if they are following Islam)

    Fighting errupted only after Iraq invasion by US.

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    I dont know about differances but they seem to all hate each other. mens nature I supose they have not got God in their lives or let Jesus into their hearts.

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