what's the difference between brandy and sherry?

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    Brandy is distilled wine. This reduced water content and raises alcohol since the higher alcohol content kills the yeast and their ability to produce alcohol. It's usually 40% abv or so.

    Brandy is commonly used in fortified wines. It's added to wine at different stages to produce a higher alcohol drink. In Sherry, it's usually added after fermentation is complete and amost fermentable sugars are gone and turned into alcohol. With Port wine, Brandy is added before fermentation is complete so that there are sugars still present so it's sweeter. The higher alcohol addition kills the yeast so the sugars remain.

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    brandy is a distilled spirit made from wine. The wine is heated and resulting product has less water and thus a higher alcohol content - usually 80 proof like most liquor. Almost any country that makes wine makes a brandy.

    Sherry is a fortified wine originally made in Spain - it traditionally is fortified with brandy. Fortified just means the alcohol strength is increased. One way to stop yeast from fermenting is to raise the alcohol level until the yeast dies off. This is usually around 18-20%. So brandy is added to the fermenting wine until it stops fermenting. Because of this sherry can be dry or sweet. Before modern technology sweet wines were hard to make as the sugar would start the fermentation process again.

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    what's the difference between brandy and sherry?

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    I think brandy is distilled but why don't you just google it and save someone else the trouble?

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