List 5 types of insects, explain there nature, Behaviour and where it can be found.?

List and draw 5 types of insects

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    Insects belong to a classification of animals called "arthropods" - a word that means jointed feet. Insects are arthropods that have a body with three segments,a head, a thorax, and an abdomen, six legs and one set of antennae. These body parts make them different from all other arthropods. Some kinds of insects are:

    1. BEETLES: Beetles are a type of insect. Beetles (like all insects) have a hard exoskeleton. The legs and wings are attached to the thorax. Beetles hatch from eggs. They undergo complete metamorphosis consisting of four stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. There are about 350,000 different species of beetles and many more that have not been discovered yet. Beetles live all over the world (except on the continent of Antarctica or in the oceans); they live in regions ranging from deserts to mountains to rainforests.

    2. WATER STRIDER: The water strider (also known as the pond skater) is a true bug that can run across the surface of water. Like all insects, the water striders have a three-part body (head, thorax and abdomen), six jointed legs, and two antennae. It has a long, dark, narrow body. Some water striders have wings, others do not. Water striders eat small insects that fall on the water's surface and also larvae. Water striders are very sensitive to motion and vibrations on the water's surface. It uses this ability in order to locate prey. It lives on ponds and slow-running streams. It rarely goes underwater. The underside of the body is covered with water-repellent hair.

    3. LUNA MOTH: The Luna moth is a light-green moth that has long, curving tails on its hindwings and distinctive eyespots on all four wings. The Luna moth starts life as a tiny egg that hatches into a plump lime-green caterpillar with tiny orange spots along the sides. This slow-moving caterpillar eats the leaves of the white birch, alder, persimmon, sweet gum, hickory, walnut, or sumac trees. The adult Luna moth does not eat; it only mates and reproduces. This nocturnal insect is found in deciduous hardwood forests in North America, from Canada to Northern Mexico.

    4. COMMON HOUSE FLY: Like all insects, the house fly has a body divided into three parts.House flies are dark gray, with four dark stripes down the top of the thorax. They have sponging mouthparts (they cannot bite); house flies can only eat liquids, but they can liquefy many solid foods with their saliva.The House Fly is often a carrier of diseases, such as typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, and anthrax. The fly transmits diseases by carrying disease organisms onto food. It picks up disease organisms on its leg hairs or eats them and then regurgitates them onto food (in the process of liquefying solid food). The common house fly is a common flying insect that is found throughout the world.

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    Types Of Insects List

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