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This is a Winter Olympics question. Which English citizen won 2 Gold Medals for the USA?

Which English citizen, probably unknown to the Winter Olympics organizers, won 2 team Gold Medals for the USA in 2 different Winter Olympics games (one Gold Medal per Winter Olympics when he competed)?

Either his real name or any of his other aliases are acceptable.

Also, please name the years and the events (as they were technically two events, but very similar events).

Unsure, but probably more than one English citizen was on the first Gold Medal winning team for the USA, but only one English citizen repeated at the next Winter Olympics competition to win another team Gold Medal for the USA.


Kasia, very close, but Billy Fiske, III, was an American who moved to Paris at the age of about 13 when his father, Billy Fiske, II, took over the European branch of a New York City investment banking firm which is now part of the UBS global investment firm.

Billy Fiske III was an American, but there was a double gold medal winner on those sleds USA #2 in 1928 and USA #1 in 1932 who was an English citizen. In fact possibly the other four members on the 1928 USA #2 sled were all English citizens posing as Americans as American Billy Fiske, III, at the time was going to college in England because his family was still living in Europe.

It should be real easy to figure out now who the English citizen was who was on the 1928 and 1932 Gold Medal winning sleds piloted by Billy Fiske, III.

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    William Meade Lindsley "Billy" Fiske III

    1. Gold - 1928 St. Moritz - Men's Bobleigh Five-man

    2. Gold - 1932 Lake Placid - Men's Bobsleigh Four-man

    At the age of 16, Billy Fiske became the youngest American to win an Olympic gold medal while participating in the 1928 Winter Olympic Games. He was the driver of the U.S. Bobsled team, which was the first team to win a gold medal for the U.S. in that event. He repeated this success in the 1932 Winter Olympics at Lake Placid.

    In 1939 he decided to attempt to join Britain's Royal Air Force to help combat the Nazi advance across Europe. As the U.S. had not yet entered the war, Americans wishing to fight had to join the militaries of engaged countries. The RAF would only accept applications from British citizens, but Fiske was able to gain entry by filing false information claiming Canadian citizenship, and by working personal connections within the organization.

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