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Only if you found your horses online?!?

I am tired of looking I live around 6 horses but they are my uncles and they are very spirited but i want my own! I have been looking for a horse for about 4 months now. I know i can't just get online and exspect to see one but i cant wait much longer? If you found your horse online please tell me through what website?


i have already looked at these websites equine. dreamhorses , horsesville, horsetopia.

Update 2:

I have already looked at these websites equine , dreamhorse , horseville , horsetopia.

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    Also, don't forget your local newspapers.

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    I find pretty much all my horses online, My most recent horse I actually found an ad for a different horse on, I went to see it, didn't like it, and it turned out that the sister of the lady selling my horse was a breeder and had a horse that turned out perfect for me. You could try finding different trainers/breeder's websites, and ask them if they have anything that fits your desctiption, or if they know of anyone with a horse that meets your needs. A trainer/breeder will know a ton of people that are also in the horse industry. Word of mouth is a great way to find a good horse, that may not be advertised online.

    If you are having no luck on,, etc. then you should try expanding your search results, look for horses slightly farther away, up your price limit a little bit, etc. Sometimes even a small change, will make a ton more horses show up in your search. Also, if a horse looks good to you, but maybe not perfect, give it a chance and go try it anyway, I'm not saying go try anything and everything, you will just be wasteing peoples time, but it is ok to try a ton of different horses that you may be unsure of it is a good way to figure out exactly what you want. By being overly picky on advertisements you may miss out on a great horse.

    If you have been seriously looking for 4 months, that tells me that you may be being somewhat unrealistic in your expectations, either your budget isn't big enough for the horse you want, or you are being overly specific. Try being a little more open minded in horse shopping, like don't exclude horses just because of color, markings, etc...

    Other websites to try: (if you are looking for a quarter horse, they have a good classified section, if you are looking for another specific breed, find that association's site and search their classifieds) (If you are looking for an arab this site has a list of a ton of breeders, trainers, horses for sale, and so on)

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    Don't buy a horse without vet checking it by an experience equine vet. Make sure you try the horse before you buy and what you plan to use it for, amke sure you jump the horse if you plan to jump with it ect!

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    i don't be attentive to what state you're in, yet in those western states a individual has to get a type inspection whilst they sell the pony to furnish to the shopper, this is recorded and a replica given to the hot proprietor. i could think of you are able to desire to call the community type inspector and supply the date, the place, who etc to him he could desire to be waiting to look in his bood and inform you who your seller have been given him form and so and consistent with possibility you are able to desire to discover a pervious proprietor that is conscious somethin. dissimilar circumstances whilst a horse gets older the papers purely wander off, so the seller can declare the pony is alot youthful than this is and actually screw you in case you purchase and previous horse once you think of this is youthful.

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    I was just about to suggest equine. Check again. Theres so much selection.

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    try horsequest type it into google it is a great site.

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