Is America smart enough to vote for the man and not the party?

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I was pretty shocked to see these politicians belong to the same secret soceity. Still think you have a difference between republican and democrat. We best wake up fast.


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We dont have the most informed people here caroline However the revolution will reach even deaf dumb ears. Keep the faith Americans still want to be free.

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    I did some research on the candidates, I know that often people think some of these second tier do not have a shot so why support them?? But I have come to find out that Clinton, Obama Edwards, along with GIuliani McCain, Romney and THompson are all members of a highly influential organization the CFR. Council on Foreign Relations. Obama and CLinton's plans to implement "checkpoints" to withdraw from Iraq will take atleast a few decades to accomplish. We are currently borrowing 10.2 billion a month from China to fund the war. I have come to realize that the CFR, The federal Reserve (privately owned oversees bankers) are pushing for us to stay in Iraq because of the oil and to help the Fed gain control of the Middle easts monetary system. I have to urge you to look into Ron Paul, he will withdraw immediately and strengthen our defense. He doesn't belong to these groups, or lobbyists, that are stringing our politicians along. I fear our country is headed toward a huge fallout and especially if we continue Nation Building. The CFR also wants to establish a North American Union with Mexico and Canada and set up the " Amero"that will make us compete on a global market and the middle class will be depleted. Please look into these matters and checkout Ron Paul.

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    Seriously. We need to rid ourselves of the foreignors in elected offices and to replace them with United States born persons with viable heritage in order to protect our land and the Constitution of the United States that keeps our freedoms in tact.

    I will be voting to keep this country free, and at this point the only one who will do it, is obviously not Hillary Clinton or anyone in the Republican Party, nor the Greens, nor the Independents, nor the Libertarians.

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    Doesn't much matter about voting for the man because the man has to support the views of his party. I think we need to get rid of the two party system and definitely the electoral college. Neither one works. Maybe we would get better choices for politicians and I would like my vote to count if I don't agree with those around me. I think the popular vote should elect the president. . .

  • Fab
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    1 decade ago

    Unfortunately no, most of the sheep ignore anything their party doesn't put in front of them. Sad but true.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed, & hoping the majority of people wake before the next election.

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    Well, although the President IS important, he (or she) is not AS important as we'd like to believe. Party affiliation is important because you get vetos, supreme court justices, Federal appointments and so on based almost entirely on party affiliation.

    I say, vote the party...not the "man". Heck, my insurance commissioner has more influence on my daily life than my Governor, and my Governor more than my President.....and I have a pretty lousy President!

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    I look at what matters to me personally. My beliefs and what I am looking for in a President. But my thinking also goes along with the republican party on most issues. I have crossed the line before but not very often.

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    The American people don't vote for either. They vote their OWN self- interests. And self-interests change with the wind... (And you don't have to be a "weatherman"- to know which way the Wind is blowing...).

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    by looking at the answers on here, it doesn't seem that way. but i will keep my faith that the majority of people will.

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    How about the "woman"?

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    I wish we were. Well, I know I am.

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