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I Heard Futurama Is Coming Back February 6Th 2008 On Comedy Central Is This True?

Is This True

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    Yup I heard it online few months ago. Futurama wasnt finished with the show, they left show without finishing!!

    I cant wait to see what will happens to Fry? Maybe he go back to his time or?!

    Wait until FEB!

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    Futureroma has been on in channel 296, if you have DirecTV its the same channel of cartoon Network or one of those channels, but it comes on at 9 o'clock till 10 o'clock and 10 o'clock til 10:30 pm, and then Family Guy starts. Awsome shows.

    Source(s): I watch those shows all the time.
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    Yeah it's true not sure of the date....But from what I have heard all of the original cast will be back...I can't wait...

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    they prob will but go to comedy and find out

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