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The Rock Alphabet?

Ok so the "your favorite band" question is getting kinda old...

A - Animal Collective

B - Beck

C - Cream

D - Decemberists

E - Emerson Lake & Palmer

F - Flaming Lips

G - Gang of Four

H - Hüsker Dü

I - Interpol

J - Jethro Tull

K - Klaxons

L - Led Zeppelin

M - Minor Threat

N - New Order

O - OK Go

P - Pavement

Q - Queens Of The Stone Age

R - Radiohead

S - Smiths

T - Television

U - U2

V - Velvet Underground

W - Wolfmother

X - X

Y - Yo La Tengo

Z - ZZ Top


it sucks when you underage, live with your parents, and ground you for a week.

this is what happens.

Update 2:

metalhead (or 'me') you are very mature

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  • Dani G
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    1 decade ago
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    A - Alice In Chains

    B - Beta Band

    C - Cream

    D - Dramagods

    E - Eels

    F - Floggin g Molly

    G - Giraffes

    H - Howlin' Wolf

    I - Iron Maiden

    J - Jane's Addiction

    K - Kinks

    L - Lovin' Spoonful

    M - Mountain Goats

    N - New Blood Revival

    O - Offspring

    P - Pantera

    Q - Quiet Riot

    R - Reel Big Fish

    S- Sublime

    T - Tantric

    U- Ugly Kid Joe

    V - Violent Femmes

    W - Weezer

    X - Xavier Cugat

    Y - Yardbirds

    Z - Zombies

  • 4 years ago

    AC/DC Black Sabbath Cream Deep Purple The Eagles Foo Fighters Guns and Roses Heart Iron Maiden Judas Priest Kansas Led Zeppelin Metallica Nirvana The Outlaws Pink Floyd Queen Red Hot Chili Peppers Stone Temple Pilots Twisted Sister U2 Van Halen White Zombie X (sure this can be a title of a band) The Yardbirds ZZ Top

  • 1 decade ago

    Allman Brothers, Bad Company, Cream, Doors, Eagles, Foo Fighters, Grand Funk Railroad, Hourglass, Indigenous, Jimi Hendrix, Kinks, Led Zeplin, Mountain, Nick Lowe, Ozzy, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Queen, Rolling Stones, Stone Temple Pilots, Talking Heads, U2, Van Morrison, The Who, XTC, Yes, Zappa

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A - Avenged Sevenfold

    B - Boston

    C - Creed

    D - Death Cab for Cutie

    E - Electric Light Orchestra

    F - Foo Fighters

    G - Guns n' Roses

    H - Hoobastank

    I - Iron Maiden

    J - Jimi Hendrix Experience

    K - Kalifornium

    L - Led Zeppelin

    M - Motorhead

    N - Nickelback

    O - Ozzy Osbourne

    P - P.O.D.

    Q - Queens of the Stone Age

    R - Rush

    S - Switchfoot

    T - Tenacious D

    U - U2

    V - Van Halen

    W - Wolfmother

    X - X

    Y - Yngvie Malmsteen

    Z - ZZ Top

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  • Huevo
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    1 decade ago

    A - ...And You Will Know Us by The Trail of Dead

    B - Bardo Pond

    C - Camper van Beethoven

    D - Dinosaur Jr.

    E - The Eels

    F - Fugazi

    G - Guided by Voices

    H - Husker Du

    I - Icehouse

    J - Jawbreaker & The Jesus Lizard

    K - King's X

    L - The Lemonheads (particularly their Taang! Records days)

    M - The Meat Puppets

    N - Nomeansno

    O - Operation Ivy

    P- The Pogues

    Q - Queen

    R - R.E.M. & The Replacements

    S - Tough , so many good ones - tie between Social D and The Stooges

    T - Talking Heads

    U - Uncle Tupelo

    V - The Vaselines

    W - Ween

    X - X

    Y - Yo la Tengo

    Z - Zen Guerilla

  • Here is my alphabet.

    A: AC/DC

    B: Blue Oyster Cult

    C: Crosby, Stills, & Nash

    D: Deep Purple

    E: Elton John

    F: The Faces

    G: Grand Funk Railroad

    H: Heart

    I: Iron Butterfly

    J: Jeff Beck

    K: Kiss

    L: Led Zeppelin

    M: MC5

    N: New York Dolls

    O: Ozzy? Don't really like him, but eh.

    P: Prince

    Q: Queen

    R: The Rolling Stones

    S: Sly & The Family Stone

    T: Thin Lizzy

    U: Uriah Heep

    V: Van Halen

    W: The Who

    X: X

    Y: Yes

    Z: ZZ Top

  • Alona
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    1 decade ago

    A - Anberlin

    B - Beatles

    C - Counting Crows

    D - Death Cab For Cutie

    E - Eagles

    F - Franz Ferdinand (Flaming Lips is good though)

    G - Grateful Dead

    H - Hot Hot Heat

    I - Incubus

    J - John Mayer

    K - Killers (Klaxons would be my other choice)

    L - Led Zeppelin

    M - Muse

    N - Norah Jones

    O - Oasis, Of Montreal- don't make me choose

    P - Pink Floyd

    Q - Queen

    R - Red Hot Chili Peppers

    S - Smashing Pumpkins

    T - Tarkan

    U - U2

    V - Velvet Underground

    W - White Stripes

    X - X? don't know

    Y - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    Z - ZZ Top? don't know

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You must be really bored. Aw, I concur - parents can be really schmucky at times.

    A - Anglagard

    B - Beatles

    C - Can

    D - Dream Theater

    E - Emerson, Lake and Palmer

    F - Frank Zappa

    G - Genesis

    H - Harmonium

    I - Isis

    J - Jethro Tull

    K - King Crimson

    L - Liquid Tension Experiment

    M - Mike Oldfield

    N - Neu!

    O - Opeth

    P - Pink Floyd

    Q - Queensryche

    R - Rush

    S- Supertramp

    T - Tool

    U- UK

    V - Van Der Graaf Generator

    W - Wobbler

    X -?

    Y - Yes

    Z - ?

    "Me" is a primary example of poor individuals who experience a weak cerebrum - less sleep, too much beer.

  • 1 decade ago


    Black Sabbath


    Damn Yankees





    Iron Maiden

    Judas Priest


    Led Zeppelin

    Motley Crue



    Pink Floyd





    Uriah Heap

    Van Halen




    ZZ Top

  • 1 decade ago

    a - a perfect circle

    b - blackfield

    c - [the] coral

    d - doves

    e - brian eno

    f - faith no more

    g - genesis

    h - hooverphonic

    i - interpol

    j - jane's addiction

    k - katatonia

    l - longwave

    m - muse

    n - no-man

    o - opeth

    p - porcupine tree

    q - queens of the stone age

    r - radiohead

    s - stone temple pilots

    t - tool

    u -

    v - vast

    w - wilco

    x -

    y - yes

    z - [the] zutons

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