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ok so, i need someone to tell me the whole story behind these two bands cuz i am so confused. all the details and don't leave anything out. aren't these like, the same bands except the fact the la sadie was created in 1995 and the other in 1997 and the only difference is that one person left or something? and la sadie doesn't exist anymore rite? but dir en grey does? and explain to me who the hell kyo and mao are and what went on between them. please, please, please tell me. i wanna know ssssssooooo bad.

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    Okay, well... La:Sadies is the band before Dir en grey, formed in December, 1995. The original leader was Kisaki, and the original lineup included Kyo doing vocals, Die and Shio on guitar, Kisaki on bass, and Shinya on drums. Shio left shortly after Kaoru joined in Feb, 1996. La:Sadies broke up on Jan 15, 1997 and Kisaki joined MIRAGE

    When La:Sadies was doing their tour in Nagano, they had met Toshiya, and when they broke up, Kaoru asked Toshiya to join them. Before Dir en grey was formed, Toshiya and the four from La:Sadies performed in Nagano once under the name DEATHMASK. So then later, DEATHMASK became Dir en grey. According to Kaoru(the guitarist btw), the name "Dir en grey" was chosen because it "sounded right," and is made up of words from several languages. It means "You in grey" I think "Dir" is you in German, "en" is in in French, and "grey" is just grey in plain old English. I'm not sure, so don't go flaming me if I'm wrong lol.

    I know that Kyo is the vocalist, but I never heard anything about Mao, whoever that is. Heh, sorry I can't tell you much since I'm not so updated on Dir en grey... I don't really like their recent stuff so I don't stay updated on them at all, well but bit but well yeah... I know that Mao is the name of the vocalist from the band called SID or its sometimes called Shido, but I don't think that the bands have disputes at ALL. And the sound is way different from Dir en grey. Check it out for yourself on what SID sounds like(SID - smile):

    Youtube thumbnail

    Compare to this(Dir en grey - Grief):

    Youtube thumbnail

    Ehh... that statement was long, but well... has the info for ya. If you wanna know more just check out wikipedia, loads of stuff for you to read.

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    La Sadie was formed before Dir en grey. All the members were the same (Kaoru, Kyo, Shinya, Die), except for Toshiya. Kisaki played the bass. Kisaki left and the band temporarily broke up. Kaoru found Toshiya at a club and he joined the band, which was renamed Dir en grey in 1997. Kyo is the vocalist, but I unfortunately I don't know who Mao is. At first the band was Visual Kei (emphasizing on clothing, hair, etc.), but they have changed their style over the past 10 years. Nevertheless, their music is still amazing and unique.

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    La: Sadies consisted of all members that are currently in Dir en grey today, with the exception of Toshiya. The line-up of La:Sadie prior to their disbanding was Kyo (vocals) Kaoru (guitar), Die (guitar), Kisaki (bass) and Shinya (drums).

    When La:Sadies disbanded and they formed new band and recruited Toshiya to be their new bassist... this is now what's known as Dir en grey.

    If you want to know more - check out wiki.

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    OMG!!!!!! He dyed his hair red so many times it started to grow out red He drinks ALOT!!!!!!! Every one thinks he has a thing for shinya Die picks on Shinya the most. He wears glasses. He is the rythem guitar! For a while in the beging of the band he always wore a leather mask over his face. Out of all the members people seam to not like him as much (idk y he is so AWESOME!!!!!!) ~_^ this is all i can think of at the moment.........if u want more info go to youtube and search dir en grey die information ^_^

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    search in google.

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