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i have been on 3 different antidepressants and none work. they have been all (ssri's), and i was wondering, sicne im being treated for depression and anxiety, my friend said she was on xanax and it helped her Alot.

my doctor wont give me anything other than ssri's though. i find that very strange, but if they will help, i know about OH THERE ADDICTIVE, thats if you take them for A WHILE/ or ABUSE THEM. what should i do?

NOTHING works, and what has he got to loose?

im very nervous and anxious all the time,m ot the point where im exhausted.

im 14 btw, not too young for the medicine either he said he doesnt want to use them because there "temporary"? he didnt even try them?

and sadly i cannot switch doctors my mom agrees and doesnt want to go through all the ''hassle''.

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    Have you been thorough with taking the medicine at each time it is needed? I would also consider switching off the antidepressant and talking to a shrink. Instead of antidepressant, take a relaxant. Also, try drinking hot chocolate in the mornings. It works for me.

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    One thing you should be aware of is that Xanax is one of the worst drugs to find yourself addicted to. It is nearly impossible to quit them and I have a couple of friends who have found themselves either in jail or spending hundreds of dollars a week on maintaining their habit. Why are you looking for temporary relief for a chronic problem? What happens if they work wonderfully? Then you'll justify taking it for longer and upping the dose until you end up like my aforementioned friends. You could ask them if they would like to go back in time when they first got xanax and see if they would do it all the exact same way. Your doctor probably is worried that you are just trying to catch a buzz. A teenager asking for a drug by name that is used recreationally would raise red flags for any doctor. Why not try something that is shown to work wonders for depression: exercise.

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    If you can't switch Dr.s, then show him that you are mature enough to take a risk on by doing your research! Find articles online about adolescents and Xanax and take them to your next visit. Prove your point by showing him that the drug can help patients your age. You need to be aware that just because the medication is great for your friend, does not guarantee that it will work for you.

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    Instead of thinking of getting on another prescription try doing something productive to keep your mind off things. Good Luck.

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