ok im asking again i allways leave out stuff?

i cant dicide if i want to do ballet or gymnactic i have done them both ballet only for like 2 weeks gymnactic about a year i love them both i have been to a real gymnactis but a ballet class it wasent like i real ballet place i love them both so much be a graceful in ballet be strong in gymnacits and my mom said maybe i could try one out if dont like it try the other but im im more then likely wont be able to dicide i know for a fact i wont be able to dicide oh no =(

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Im A Ballet Dancer So Lets be realistic I do it just Because i enjoy the challenge and a little hard work.

    There are 1 million little grils in the world who would want to become a Ballerina, And onley 1 out of that 1 million will get to be it.

    Gymnastics gets you a toned body, you will be a fitter and healthier adult and it is the samewith gymnastics my dear its hard work but that is the most fun thing about it i think.

    So Lets see im guessing you just want to have some fun?

    Fun wise go to Ballet, Because you have breaks like at gymnastics and you can sit down and make friends and there is also concerts and estedfords, Gymnastics tends to be very seriouse, were as Ballet Depeding if you do Rad or Cachettie, Wich is the range of your Exams.

    So after all of my ramblings honey i would say Ballet it hurts but dancing brings alot of joy.

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