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what movie is better?

should i watch king kong or hulk

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    Watch the original 1933 version of "King Kong'. Yes, it's very old, it's in black and white, the special effects really aren't that special, there's some dated stereotypes (not outright racism, though) but . . .

    It's an all-time classic! The characters, dialogue, plot and story are AWESOME! It's a very charming flick, and you'll see quickly why it's such an enduring classic. Give it a few minutes, because the beginning is slow-moving.

    The remakes are OK, but nothing special at all.

    "The Hulk" movie was stupid. Many of the old 1970s "Hulk" tv show episodes were a lot better, from a story/plot standpoint.


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    Personally, I think King Kong was much better than Hulk. It had a lot of action and adventure. Once I started watching it I was hooked!

    I tried to watch Hulk, but I found it boring and didn't even finish it.

    I hope this helps. ♥

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    King Kong but wait till the new hulk comes out. it is gonna be awesome.

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    King Kong. Don't waste your time with Hulk. It was very disappointing and boring. But you should wait to see the new movie Hulk with Edward Norton which they are filming now. It should be better than this past one. Hope this helps.

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    I am assuming you mean the new King Kong.

    IMO they are both horrible... King Kong was better than Hulk, but still horrible.

    If you meant the old King Kong, then that should be your choice. Excellent movie.

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    Hulk didn't seem to have much of a plot. Everyone I know that saw it hated it.

    King Kong was draggy but good (I swore I wouldn't nearly fall asleep the second time... I did. It's just draggy overall, but it's totally worth seeing - this is the Peter Jackson version I'm talking about BTW), so I say go for King Kong.

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    KIng Kong is by far better though neither movie should be watched more then once... you should go watch Transformers !

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    I go with the majority, which is King Kong. Love the Brontosaurus stampede!

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    king kong...hulk has very little plot

  • wasn't a big fan of either, but of the two i'd pick king kong

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