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why is it that after i drink more than one glass of (water, soda, ect..) i have to pee a lot.?

like 30 minutes after drinking i have to pee. then 5 minutes later i have to pee again..then 5 minutes later..i have the urge..

and im only 17..


and this has happened for years.

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    Your kidneys can only process so much liquid at a time. You actually don't urinate that much: when you feel like you have to pee, your bladder is only holding a half-cup of urine.

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    get checked for diabetes. I dont wanna scare you but its a symptom. The chances that you have diabetes with just this one symptom are rare but its always a possibility. when my husband found out he had diabetes, the same exact thing was happening to him. But he also had a lot of other symptoms like severe fatigue, a LOT of thirst (drank a LOT of liquids) and blurry vision.

    Test your blood sugar level. It should be between 70 and 99 before eating and no higher than 120 after. If its a lot lower or higher, see a doc!

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    Have you considered having this checked out by a doctor? You may have an overactive bladder or then again, it could be nothing. Just see a doctor to make sure.

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    You need to see your doctor. You may have a bladder infection or small bladder or an overactive bladder. No matter what you have to see a doc ASAP and get this checked out as something is wrong.

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