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Low Carb Diets for Diabetics?

I've been a Type 1 diabetic for three years now, and just recently I've been thinking about going on a low carb diet. Just wondering if there are any other Type 1s out there that have went low carb and how it's working for you?

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    Hi Jeff,my son is 5 and was diagnosed with type 1. We go low carb for breakfast,lunch and all snacks then at dinner we go carb crazy! It's working great so far and at this point he takes lantis at night and only 1 novalog at dinner time.

    A great thing i've found is Aunt Hatties low carb bread(only 5 g per slice),it's a life saver.

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    My mom has been Type 1 for several yrs now. After a bout of ketoacidosis and staying in the ICU w/ blood sugar levels over 300 (for months) she decided to take care of herself and went on South Beach. It worked very well. A low carb diet is what diabetics are supposed to adhere by.

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