Why did the nazis want to change the lives of children?

how did the nazis change the lives of children, and how were children affected by this ?

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    Why did the Nazis want to change the lives of children? Because children are the future, and if you change the perception of most children then you can shape the future of the country to your liking. How did the Nazis change the lives of children? One way was writing storybooks for children that contained messages of the party. How were children affected by this? They were brainwashed at an early age and this severely limited their open-mindedness and their outlook on life.

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    A child's' mind is like clay.It is easier to shape and enter any belief that an adult wants to,no matter how twisted and evil.It was not uncommon for children during WW2 to be taken from their parents and force to believe and practice what the Nazis preached.

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    Uhhh...if by "change the lives of children" you mean "change many children's lives...by ending them," then that's how. Or "change many children's lives...by carting off and brutally murdering their parents and all living relatives." Or "change many children's lives...by leaving them forever afraid of loss, making them prone to hoarding and penny-pinching and above all death and illness and the government and, well, pretty much everything."

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    To think Like Hitler.

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