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Is it true that when Jesus returns he'll be pulled by eight reindeer?

I got a problem with that, cause it sounds too much like that other story; and I heard somewhere else that he'll be accompanied by thousands of angels blowing trumpets, so which is it?

It can't be both, that doesn't seem logical. The trumpets would scare the reindeer anyway.

Somebody want to explain to me how Jesus is supposed to arrive?

Also what part of the world will he come to? Or will he circle the world; and do a tour, so to speak?

If you can give a good answer, maybe with documentation or whatever, it will settle an argument. Me and a neighbor.



Christ, you church folks are gettin freaky.

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    It will be NINE reindeer. Don't forget Rudolph!

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    Jesus will not be accompanied by reindeer......and will return when the last symbolic trumpet in heaven is blown.....and in the twinkling of an eye believers will be transported to another dimension(the spirit realm)....and Jesus will return and put his feet upon the mount of olives and it will split in tour....EVERY KNEE WILL BOW AND EVERY TOUNGE WILL CONFESS THAT JESUS IS LORD.

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    Every eye will see him and every knee will bow to Him. When a question gets this irreverant and goofey, it is about a sure thing that someone is praying for you and I join in agreement for the salvation of your soul. You are 'ripe for the picking'. Come Lord Jesus and reveal Your truth to this needy soul.

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    No he will come in the blick of a eye

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    I'm sorry you have been misinformed......

    it will be by ten oompaloompas on a chariot of chocolate and his name will be Charlie.

    hey rose ...

    what the heck is a "blick" of an eye?

    sounds painful.

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    No he will come how he left. Read the Book of Acts if your not scared.

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    It shouldn't matter to you, with that attitude, he will look just like your picture on this sight to you.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    they only tell that to young Christians

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