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how do i get rid of a henna tattoo fast?

i got a henna tatto for my birthday and it wont leave i got it in feburay its been 5 monts and nothing i hate it i want it off my skin fast i dont understand how it stood so long beacuse my friends got some too the same day and theres went away 3 days later. i dont know why mine stood so long so if any one knows a way that i can remove this stupid tatto please tell me help!!!!!


its on my back

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    apply lemon juice and baking soda on tatto

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    Home Based Tattoo Removal

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    wow, 5 months? If you used Black Henna, and it was artificial, maybe it seeped into your skin, but if it was natural henna it should have definitely came off by now. Maybe you should check with a dermatologist.

  • thats strange...

    it doesnt stay on for this long..

    unless you put it on your nails,

    thats a different story. the henna grows off your nails as you keep cutting them.

    keep scrubbing ur hands or wherever the tatto is.

    ask a professional about it, the best are experienced ones from back home ;)

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    well i've had henna tattoo b4.. so the best thing 2 do is rub it with baby oil.. thtz the best thing =]

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    Check the link: /

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    it stays on dependeing on how your skin is an how well you take care of... have tou tried to scrub it off??

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    try alchohol, and if that doesn't work, try windex because you know what they say, windex and duct tape cure everything....but yeah i would understand how that would be annoying

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