How can I prove to her that I'm a trustworthy babysitter?

see, my next door neighbor has 2 kids (10 and 1 years old) shes a single mom so she always needs babysitters. I'm 12 years old and my best friend who lives across the lake from us and is also 12 got a babysitting job for my neighbors; same with my other friend who's 13. I don't get it! My best friend barely knows my neighbor and my family has known them since they moved in 2 years ago. we both have the same amount of babysitting experience. did I do something wrong?


to be honest, i think it already has. i told my mom and she said 'thats stupid. well you know what, we can just stop giving them dylan's (my brother) old clothes and stuff'

Update 2:

i dont think its cause her kids dont like us. i mean, maybe her son doesn't like me but I KNOW he likes my 13 year old brother. she asked my brother to play catch with her son and give him pitching tips to get him ready for baseball

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    two things come to mind:

    1. your friend(s) may have beat you to the punch in terms of letting the neighbors know she was available.

    2. the issue could be your neighbor and not you at all.

    my suggestion to you is:

    * take a moment and think about all of the neighbors who are currently using sitters. especially those neighbors that use your friends as sitters.

    * think about how you can be a better sitter - maybe your could charge a dollar less, or add certain activities that the current sitters are not doing. or even offer to be THE thursday night sitter. anything that would set you apart from the rest.

    * then talk things over with your parents. tell them your concerns about all of this. and your plans on how you could do it better.

    * if your parents give you the green light on what you have in mind, ask them to help you with some flyers or business cards so you can stick them in your neigbors mail boxes or front doors.

    and dont limit yourself to just your neighbors. you could ask your parents about putting up your flyers at the grocery stores, libraries, etc. your parents could even ask their coworkers if they need sitters.

    and for those moms/dads that already have sitters, let them know you could be available when their regular sitter is not.

    sounds like there is a lot of competition for sitters in your neighborhood. so you gotta be faster, smarter and more observant than those other girls. and make sure you keep your parents in the loop. you would be surprised at how willing they would be to help you, not to mention how proud they would be that you are so business-minded at your age.

    good luck and go get 'em!

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    no you didn't do any thing wrong but maybe you should find some other people to babysit cuz its not a good idea to babysit a kid so close to your age its not a good i dea cuz my sister did that and she got i to a fight big time with the older girl but just ask your find id she can help you out a bit like she is not able to babysit maybe she could suggest you as another option and she can spice up your resime for you (but donrt tell her she cant babysit the kids cuz you want to thats a fight ready to happen) lol or you can when you start taking to the negighborrs and they randomly start talkin about the kids you just slip yea i babysit all the time if you ever need one calll me or something simaler to that when i babysit these three girls i usually have to feed them dinner then get the ready for bed and after all of them down to bed i pick up the hoiuse i dont clean or anything i just pick all the toys and put them in a coner in a organizzed manner downstairs then i pick up there kitecn after dinner they like it a lot when i do that they dont pay me any extra but thats prob 2/3 of the reasons i come bk plus there kids love me lol well hope this helps and made since lata p.s. when working on a price i ussaully say "what ever seems fair to you i ussualy get pad 5$ an hour ) unless they offer more dont ask for more than five cuz thats like min wage well again hope this helps

    Source(s): me! 5 years of babys sitten other kids and 9 years of watching my lil sister
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    I'd say that it could be because you might already be somewhat of a playmate to your neighbor's kids. The neighbor might be concerned about the kids confusing the time you are watching them as playtime & might not have the same respect for you in that regard.

    For example, my kids take part in a regular activity that includes kids from age 5-15 years of age (they are 5,6, & 9). There is one boy who is about 13 or 14 who I know would be great to watch my kids. My concern would be that my kids wouldn't take him seriously if he was giving them directions or if he needed to reprimand them. I think they would have trouble seeing him as an authority figure after he plays with them 2-3 times a week.

    If this is your neighbor's concern, you could ask them to try you out (you might need to offer to do it as a free trial) for an hour or 2 maybe while they run errands or go grocery shopping. That might be a good way to see if longer assignments will work out.

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    You didnt meantion if you asked or not,so im thinking you should ask if you already havn't.If you have asked and she said no it may not be based unpon how much experince you have but the quality of your care.Have you given any of the other people you baby sitted for a reason to say they cant trust you?If you havnt,ask her why she won't let you baby sit.Could be that your friends got to her first and she doesnt need anyone else.But honestly-You and your friends are a little young to watch a one year old not to metion when you have to watch another child at the same time.

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    It is probably not you at all. See you already know the ten year old, so the child may have a hard time listening to you.

    Some hospitals and community centers offer babysitting certifications so sign up for that or CPR then try to find another family to sit for.

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    Maybe she doesnt wanna stuff things up with you or your family if her kids behave really badly or something happens. She might just be trying to avoid a situation that doesnt have to be so awkward between your family and her by choosing your bestfriend. I dont think its personal.

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    Ask your neighbor if you could babysit. Then you'll find out why she hasn't asked you. If she just says no and gives a reason, then you'll know, but if she only says no, ask her why.

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    let her know that you can babysit anytime she needs one. she may not know or she may not feel comfortable asking since she knows your family so well and thinks if something goes wrong that a friendship will end.

  • maybe she don't like you.....or her kids don't, otherwise i have no clue

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