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quick what do i do?

i have had a problem with hair loss im black does anyone know what helps your hair grow

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    Scalp massage, lightly. Think only good thoughts, it reflects in your hair.

    Go to a skin/scalp specialist clinic, and ask for help. There may be creams, medicines, etc. They may do bloodwork, and find you need medicine for something.

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  • Ash
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    Hmm...I see your name is 'mommy 2 be'

    Are you pregnant? You may experience hair loss early in pregnancy, but later your hair will grow really thick, then fall out again within the first months after the child's birth.

    Take pre-natal vitamins. If this doesn't help, see a dermatologist.

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    You may want to dry a hair thickening shampoo! Many of my friends use it and say it works... also when you get out of the shower spray some hair thickener on. You may also want to cut your hair and add layers... your hair will look more full! :] Good Luck!


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    Cocoa butter.

    Go natural. (Likely that it's the relaxer. If you're using Dark n Lovely, cut your hair. It's dead, sorry. Sof'n'Free next time around. :D)

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