HALF, yest that is right HALF OF AMERICANS WANT BUSH IMPEACHED, yet 1 in 4 still approves?


i agree that the polls are wrong. i think it is more like 5% of americans still approve of him. the 5% that make money from his war.

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    Of course if you just poll in San Fransisco you could get the numbers you cite. Or Poll in heavily liberal areas. Polls can be made to say what ever you want. They are meaningless nowadays.

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    The people who still support Bush are either sheep, right wing extremists or Tax Cut Republicans, who benefit monetarily from the crimes of this administration. Bush has over 500 days to go and we may find a way to impeach and remove him and Cheney both. This issue is not going away.

    As far as hating Bush, this is a waste of energy, but I have nothing but contempt for unqualified fools who steal elections and get us into bogus wars under false pretenses.

    Just seeing Bush and Cheney held accountable for lying the US into a war of choice will be good enough.

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    1 decade ago

    There is a simple answer to this question. About 50% of the popluation of this country are sheep and do whatever is popular. It is popular to hate Bush right now, so 20% of that 50% are taking it to an extreme because their liberal friends convinced them to.

    The other 25% are the same people with thirty bumper stickers on their Volvo.

    Had that survey included a short answer on which high crimes and misdemeanors Bush actually participated in, I think the survey would show a much more realistic picture.

  • geegee
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    Look at it like this, if we impeach Bush, then Chaney becomes President! Do we want that? Guess not, so we would have to impeach him also. All of this would take time, If the Congress & Senate would stand up to him, unite & really represent the people of this nation; we could put up with both of them for the next 16/17 months. It seems that instead of representing the people most of those in both houses are intent on playing political games of one up-man ship. They need to make him a real lame duck President & VP Chaney, regardless of what he thinks about not being a part of the executive brance of the government, needs to be reigned in & given the facts of life.

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    Okay, I guess you don't understand fractions.

    1/2 want the President impeached, that means that the other 1/2 don't.

    1/4 is smaller than 1/2, so the 1/4 that loves Bush is part of the same 1/2 that don't want Bush impeached.

    Source(s): 5th grade math
  • Impeachment would be a waste of time, and you need a good viable reason to impeach, name one, that isn't a load of crap and cant be pointed out as just conspiracy nonsense. Or something that Bush couldnt help, for example actions of someone else in the administration.

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    Just proves that half of Americans have no clue what high crimes and misdemeanors are.

    If the Democrats are dumb enough to try it, go ahead. There's zero chance for conviction, but if we want another farce trial in the Senate, go ahead.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    losers lie and obsess,,with half brains..half witted..and your sampling is crap

    your freaking caps..are as rude as you are

    this is your poll..

    "ARG has complete control over the content of the surveys for the posted results. Subscribers do have the opportunity to add their own questions at the end of the surveys for additional fees."

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    Didn't you see that South Park. 1 in 4 Americans are retarded. Its a true fact.

  • Gemini
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    1 decade ago

    As long as we have a Democratic congress keeping an eye on him, let him stay and finish destroying the GOP.

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