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can anyone tell me how much this stuff costs at like krogers or publix?

1.)fettuccini noodles 2.)roses 3.) Salted butter 4.)salad 5.)heavy cream 6.)frozen rolls(smallest pack)

7.)parmesan cheese

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    These are aprox. answers, depending on where u live. Get all store brands.

    1. $1.00

    2. $10.00 (a dozen flowers, not roses. Maybe $4 for one rose)

    3. $3.00 (can be expensive but you may be able to buy one stick for cheaper)

    4. $3.00 (prepackaged lettuce, some come w/ dressing in the bag)

    5.$2.00 (dpendes on size)

    6. $4.00 (you may try the bakery dept. for something cheaper than frozen rolls)

    7. $2.00

    I would say maybe $25-30 bucks, maybe less if you buy store brands, cheaper options.

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    Food products: approximately $15

    Roses (assuming a dozen): around $20-30, depending on the season and quality--individual flowers are usually a couple buck a piece

    Sounds like you've got a romantic night planned....

    Source(s): Kroger shopper
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