who is the best rapper alive? Eminem or Jay-Z?


WTF?! whats up with everyone saying Lil Wayne is tha best rapper out? Just cuz hes popular at the moment? PLEASE STOP COMPARING HIM TO EMINEM & JIGGA!!!!!! he cant compare to them is any sense. GET INFORMED!!!

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    they both have good lyrics but i would definitely say eminem cuz he is just blows people out of the water with his passion and lyrics, he raps in a way that just blows my mind sometimes...he is a creative genius nuff said

  • qwerty
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    1 decade ago

    Anybody who says Wayne is the best rapper alive hasn't heard any hip-hop that hasn't been on MTV. And for the question, I don't think either, but both are still very good (much better than Wayne I might add), and I'd say Jay-Z. Eminem started off brilliant and fell off haaaaard. Jay-Z also started off brilliant, and while he fell off a little, he has shown that he can return to form and thus has proven to me he is much more deserving than Eminem. And to that one girl that got mad at akl08, that is actually really funny that you say Rakim is a wack MC. Seems the greatest MC of all time (although not currently) would get a little more recognition, but I guess if you are listening to Lil' Wayne and no one else, you tend to have a very skewed opinion.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    GOOD QUESTION: Eminem. I'm sorry. The man is a lyrical genius. Doesn't toot his own horn unless he has to. Has changed his style soooo much since the slim shady days and matured into the most influential rapper alive. He's broke down barriers "of language and races", Jigga has not. He's penetrated suburban life & pop culture like a knife thru a pillow, Hov has not. He MURDERED "renegade", Jay just beat it up a little.His albums are way better. His sense of humor, his tenacity in battles, his all around message in his songs makes him the BEST RAPPER ALIVE...and I love jay-z..but damn I gotta admit.

  • hone
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    4 years ago

    Many men and women will mainly say Eminem is a bigger rapper than Lil Wayne without plenty notion at the back of it. Nonetheless, I consider that Lil Wayne was lovely simply proper for the period of the setting up and middle of his profession. Now, with loss of recommendations, he raps approximately more commonly the identical factor the complete time (pussy, medicines, sex, and alcohol). So, at one factor in time, Lil Wayne used to be as soon as beautiful well, however now, I suppose Eminem is first-class than Lil Wayne as a rapper.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think this is like asking who is the best rapper ever: Tupac or Biggie? Everyone will have there own opinion. I think, like Big, Eminiem is lyricaly superior to Jay Z. However, Jay Z, like Pac, has a better all around talent. I say Jay Z but not by much.

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    Neither. You forgot about the guy who beat Jay-Z!! Nas Escobar! He killed Jay-Z on Ether and he from my knowledge he hasn't bit rhymes from anybody. All of these dumb fuuucks who are saying Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive are retarded when it comes rap music. They can't base their argument for Lil Wayne from only listening to him and none of the pioneers. Hell, my decision is biased, I listen to Rakim, KRS-One, EPMD, and some of the other great hip-hop artists, but I haven't heard enough of them to call them the best rapper (s) alive.

    Nas not Jay-Z or Eminem (both are great though)

  • 1 decade ago

    Jay-Z is way over rated in my opinion, Eminem is way better,

    i think eminem, tupac, and B.I.G. are the best ever, if 50 kept making albums like his get rich or die tryin cd he would be up there too but the massacre was a flop

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    based off the two i have to go with jay-z for his consistency throughout his career..Eminem is a great rapper and sometimes i dont think he gets the credit he deserves simply because he's white, but i think jay-z is ahead of him. .but i also think there are several rappers better than jay-z and eminem.

    i knew it was just a matter of time before the dickriders started rollin in,....Lil wayne, weezy ****** baby, w/e yall call him, is NOT the best rapper alive..in 10+ years he has delivered 0 classic albums compared to multi classics from both jay-z and eminem, this dude proclaims himself the best rapper alive and yall go along with it, GET A MIND OF YOUR OWN, get off his nuts and hop on someone else, someone who makes real hip hop..wayne's a pop artist.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well Lil wayne is the best rapper alive i dont care what anyone says but out of those two Jay Z because he... naw never mind I believe eminem is better out of the two I listen to both rappers and eminen Dosent get the credit he deserves because he's white eminem is cold lyrically period.

    Source(s): Well like I muthafuckin said akl08 what about it yeah its everyones got damn opinion so fuck you and your answer who the fuck you like rakim, mike jones, bow wow etc wack rappers or what. dont come at us like that talkin about dick riding him shyttt you damn skippy nigga I rather listen to wayne instead of a nigga talkin about fuckin global warming and shyt you just shut the fuck up because your obvisouly havent had any lately besides the fact that you get it in your A_SS.
  • 1 decade ago

    eminem is the best rapper out there jay-z ain't all off that he's so over rated its ridiculous.

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