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how is cutting your self destructive?

I dont get how it is distructive. as long as u dont do it too deep and use a clean tool how can cutting be so harmful?

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    Because all cuts that you get will scar, even the ones that arent that deep. I do not cut myself deeply, but i still have scars littering my body, and i am ashamed of them. and even if the tool is clean there is always the chance of infection. it is distructive because you are harming your body intentionally, no matter how deep the cut is...

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    Self-mutilation can lead to infections and permanent scars.

    Cutting is dangerous.

    It is NOT out of the realm of possibility that you may accidentally hit an artery and possibly bleed to death.

    The visual effects of the cuts could inflict pain on the people you love such as friends and family.

    That's just a few reasons why cutting yourself can be so harmful, the addiction is the hardest part once your addicted it's very hard to stop.

    Check out this website will give you some more insights about some other reasons not to do this.

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    OMG just because it isn't deep or because it would be a clean tool doesn't mean that it is not destructive. You are mutilating your body no matter how deep the wound. People who cut themselves are trying to relieve an inner pain that they seem to think will "come out" by cutting, or atleast ease the pain inside by making the pain on the "outside" TOTALLY NOT TRUE!!!! It is mentally harmful and physically harmful to your body. If you are thinking about doing this, I would talk to someone asap.

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    it is self destructive because you are doing it for a reason, something is driving you to feel the need to physically hurt yourself, to relieve mental stress or pain in an unhealthy way. you can use clean tools, not cut/burn/etc too deep, it doesn't really make it safe because there is something deeper than just physical wounds and scars. it can be an addictive outlet and something i don't think someone would want to live with their whole life. it is best to seek out help before it gets more out of control.

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    It's more the idea that is destructive. If a person is willing to violate their body so horribly, then who knows what that person could be like! Also, how do you know your not going in too deep? How can you be sure? Medical training is the only real answer, and if you had medical training it would teach you not to go messing with your blood flow! If you feel that is necessary to feel happy, relaxed, or however you feel when you cut, you need mental help.

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    It is the underlying mental condition that is self destructive. It is not normal to want to cut yourself.

    Similarly, there is this example: It won't kill you to have sex with people's shoes, as in a fetish. However, it is the underlying mental condition that is harmful. It is an obsessive personality disorder with fixation that interferes with normal sexual function.

    So, the cutter has an abnormal obsession with pain and painful stimuli. It is obsessive, and his thoughts are interfered with so he doesn't function in a healthy way. The underlying condition causes dysfunction in both self-image and interpersonal relationships. Sometimes it is associated with suicidal ideation and/or other self-destructive or risk-taking behaviors. The individual so afflicted has difficulty succeeding in life as a result.

    And...there is the ugly scarring....

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    How is banging your head on the wall destructive?

    The bumps leave after a while so...

    It just is, allright? And you know it. You dont have to excuse your stupid act and you cant convince yourself either. Quit it now. You think girls in thirld wolrd cut themselves? Africa? Asia? do I know you are a girl....OMG...I must be a freaking medium right?

    That thing is not even painfull..."The pain takes away the pain...". If you really like pain why dont you start kick boxing? You get to get your *** kicked and become a stronger person at the same time.

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    Uh... scarring? Infection? Accidentally cutting too deep, and slashing a vein, or damaging a nerve or tendon? How about the psychological attitude that says that if it's OK to cut yourself, it's OK to break a bone, risk a disease unnecessarily, or damage yourself in other ways?

    If you're cutting, you know it's self-destructive. Go get help. Talk to a doctor, or a parent, or a counselor. Talk to a priest or rabbi or minister if you're a believer. Talk to a youth leader if you're in scouting or 4H or something like that. But talk to someone. You need help.

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    Cutting, like any other coping mechanism, has a time and a place. I think I may be the only one here who believes cutting can help more than it hurts - maybe because it helped me.

    And yeah, I have scars. But I'm not ashamed of them. Hell, I'm alive because of those scars.

    But if you're cutting, yeah, you should try to get help. It IS a way to cope, but it's probably not the best way.

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    cutting is a result of -stress or anxiety-it is destructive to you r body -and by cutting ,so ive been told by many -that its a stress reliever ,but your training yourself to focus on the here and now -and not on venting frustrations through other means -besides the physical harm your doing -later on in life -you may lose the ability to use your hand -or have other serious medical conditions

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