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Do you think the xbox elite is a waste of money? Please tell me why?

is this a good deal for 469.99?

Bundle includes:

* Xbox 360™ System

o Xbox 360™ Game Console

o Wireless Controller

o Combination High-Definition Component and Standard A/V Cable

o 20GB Detachable Hard Drive

o Ethernet Cable

o Headset

o Xbox Live® Silver

o Xbox Live® Gold 30-Day Trial

* Extra Wireless Controller

* Xbox 360™ Quick Charge Kit

* Game: Xbox Live Arcade Unplugged

Is this deal better than getting a xbox 360 elite?

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    Yeah i would call it a good deal cuz the ps3 is a waste of money my friend had it and a few weeks after he bought it it broke and if ur 360 breaks or the red lights of evil come out the warranty is now 3 years so its a pretty good deal better if u have internet

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    Also the Xbox Elite will have the same components that are still Made In China. I bought a Xbox 360 Premium in Oct 2006 and now it gave me a 3 red ring light. Im planning to return it and get my money back. Im not confident and playing xbox console anymore.

    UK-based games consoles repair company Micromart has been fixing video game systems for over a decade. On its website it advertises that it will repair PlayStation 2, original Xbox, PSP and replace screens for other handheld systems.

    Micromart, which used to repair the Xbox 360, has posted a notice on its website that it “has now withdrawn from offering a repair service for the dreaded 3 Red Lights fault.”

    The company states that, “This problem is endemic on the Xbox 360 console and the volume has made this repair non-viable.” Micromart will also no longer fix Xbox 360 consoles that display screen freezing problems. The company, however, will continue to support all other repairs to the consoles.

    “We were seeing about 30 a week before we pulled the plug on the service,” said Micromart’s Jeff Croft to GamesIndustry. “We saw it over a period of several months and it was just getting worse. It began towards the end of last year. Once the twelve month warranty finished then we started to see more and more machines being sent in to be looked at.”

    “The work we had done to the console lead us to believe that basically it was a fault with the motherboard and not something that could be resolved easily. And it wasn't going to go away,” continued Croft.

    “We're not taking that thing on board; we won't repair them. We originally did some work with it but it's labour intensive and it isn't really a feasible repair for us to undertake. We would probably end up charging GBP 100 [$202] for a repair and we still wouldn't be happy with the end result,” he added.

    Do not buy the Elite. Buy the PS3 instead. PS3 price drop. 100 bucks off.

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    That's an okay deal, but I'm not sure I'd do it because I would guess you hardly will ever play that free game. I may look for a bundle that had games that you're more likely to play more often, or for one without any games, but with the extra controller, headset and quick charge kit. Those 3 things plus the game are really what you're getting in the bundle. It's not a bad deal, but you may be able to find something a bit better. If you plan on downloading a ton of HD content (movies, TV shows, etc) then you should go with elite. Otherwise, you're fine with the hard drive size with the platinum system as above.

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    This deal is ok, not really saving any money thou.(check ebay to see what they extras offered are going for.)

    Is it a better deal than the elite? that depends on what means more to you, have an extra controller or having a larger hard drive. If you want a large hard drive getting the elite and then buying the extras would be better just because if you buy the upgraded hard drive separately it is $179 and the extras offered in this package are only like $70. So if you get this package and want the large hard drive later you will pay like $650 , if you get the elite and buy the extras offered in this package you could pay as little as $550. (saving $100). Also the new construction on the elite lessens your change of having to send it in for repairs.

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    Sounds good to me. It depends on whether or not you will do a lot of downloading on xbox live. Like the movies and such. If you are the elite has a bigger harddrive.

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    I would just get an elite because it has a larger hard drive and the pieces are rearranged, have more fans, and other stuff to help in oveheating.

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    Would rather go for PS3 for slightly more. Xbox 360 has a far higher rate of failure (red rings of death), and PS3 has completely free online play.

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    Aren't you just paying more for a black xbox...just go with the original 360 with the harddrive...

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    well if you could of just goting the Pruimen and brought the updated hardrive

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