why are there different sizes for Nunchaks??

Ive noticed that there are a couple of sizes for nunchaks being sold. What is the difference in use for them? I mean is it just a matter or preference or is there something about some sizes?


LOL yes im a ninja lol. im just lookin to buy some as a hobby

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    probably depending on the size of the person using them.

    weight and area size could differ for age level or skill level.

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    I've used nunchucks since I was 7. I turn 27 The 16th. I have loved the art of Nunki ever since "Enter the Dragon".

    There is no major reason behind different sizes. So "Size doesn't matter" LmAO. You can use any size but i wouldn't start with 8 inch. If your just starting I would recommend a 12 inch. That's the normal size. I like the octagonal personally. There are a lot of styles to pick.

    You may want to spend an extra 8 bucks and get a foam pair too, to use for a couple weeks. You will hit yourself a few times, trust me. If you don't want to get them, that's fine, you'll learn faster....hardhat. you hit yourself good, you'll remember not to do it again. Good learning experience.

    P.S. By the way, DON'T just learn the Kata and learn how to wheel them around. Make sure you learn to use them as a weapon, too. I got a lot of practice in with a foam pair,a buddy and some headgear. There a lot of grappling maneuvers to learn as well.

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    The weapon is actually called a nunchaku. It was a farm implement before it was a weapon. It was used to harvest and process rice. The connecting piece should be a rope, not a chain. The wood pieces should be octagon, not round.

    People made their own, the measurements were as follows. The wood should measure from the users wrist to the elbow, about the length of the forearm. The rope should measure from your middle finger tip to the base of your palm making the rope a hands length.

    This weapon is not good for a hobby/toy. It is serious and deadly thing. I encourage you to either take a martial art or find a safer hobby.

    Source(s): 14yrs training
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    Nunchucku are a traditional Okinawan weapon. In Kubodo classes you learn to measure from the center of your palm to the end of your elbow as the correct length. The cord should be short enough that when the cord is laid across your palm with the chucks on either side of your hand and the hand is closed into a fist, the chucks will move outward a small amount. If the wood fails to move then the cord is too long. Avoid chains in the chuck as they are slower than the cord and not easy to repair.

    Source(s): MA for almost 30 years, including kubodo (bo, sai, nunchucku, eku, hando, kama and other "toys").
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    Nunchakus come in different styles and there are different sizes. The Japanese/Okinawan style chaks have a length of cord no longer than the width of your wrist or palm and are very good for striking and blocking and pinching techniques. The length of the chak is based on the distance between your elbow and your hand and the best ones are corded. Philippine style chaks are shorter, smaller, and heavier and sometimes loaded with lead and have a longer cord of eight to twelve inches and give the user more reach for striking and the cord is used for blocking and restraining techniques.

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    There are different sizes b/c shorter nunchuks are easier to manage but have less reach, when u get mroe experienced u can usse longers ones, which are hard to manuvre but have mroe reach and once mastered, are more effective.

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    The different sizes are for different size people. Nunchuku should be approx. the length between your wrist to elbow.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Personal experience
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    measure from the center of your palm to the end of your elbow as the correct length.

    Source(s): 11 years in Aikido 3 years in JJ currently teaching Shinbu Aikido
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    btw nunchakus aren't a traditional ninja weapon. But everyone else is correct.

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    a more importatnt qwuestion.. whata are you gonna do with nunchuks? i tohught they were only forl ike ninjas. and what would a ninja be doing on yahoo answerrs? and why would chris h have any personal experience??????

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