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about intel core 2 duo?

im getting an imac but id just like to know about the processor more, if its a intel core 2 duo then wouldnt it be double the processor speed it claims to be(2.0 ghz) and what is 64 bit agriculture, and is it good to have a 64 bit agriculture because some software things like linux distrubutions(i just like to see whats happening in the linux world) say its not compatable with the 64 bit agriculture and is linux not compatable becuase its new technoledgy and how long has 64 bit agriculture been around, and is 64 bit agriculture not usally (if anything) supported by operating systems and is some software(if so please give a example) also not compatable too

thanks!! :)

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    First off I believe you are going for 64 bit architecture, the other guy already told you what agriculture is. No it would not be double the speed, it is two cores running at 2.0Ghz. If you had two cars running at 20 MPH, you wouldn't say they were running at 40 MPH, same thing here. As for the 64 bit architecture, the iMac will come with Apple's OS, and it will work just fine. If you want install other OSs, you have the option of either 32 bit or 64 bit operating systems.

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    Let me second what C-Man said. For pretty much every game and application out now, and for the vast majority of games and applications over at least the next two years, having a dual-core versus a quad-core will make almost no difference in typical applications. However, having a faster CPU will make a huge difference. 3GB versus 4GB will make almost no difference, especially if you install a 32-bit operating system. In the case you gave, the quad-core is better in all respects. Four cores are not going to ever be worse than two. And 2.66GHz is always going to be better than 2.0GHz (unless the dual-core is from a much newer line, but that's doubtful, and Intel's oldest quad cores - Kentsfield - are not different enough from the newest dual cores - Wolfdale - to outweigh the clock speed difference). Update: The Q6700 runs at 2.66GHz, so that will make the quad core a faster CPU than the dual core at the same speed. However, it won't make all that much difference for two reasons. First, most software available today and for the next few years can't take advantage of more than two cores very well. Second, those four cores are sharing the same FSB and memory, and that will start to be the limiting factor.

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    First of all, agriculture is the process of growing plants. The core 2 duo is simply the second version of the core duo. Kind of like the playstation 3 is not three playstations taped together to make one giant playstation.

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