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I need individual health insurance! What are the best companies and plans? My ins. has doubled in the past yr.

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    Well, if you're healthy and 30, it's GOING to cost about $250 a month. If you're NOT healthy, it's likely no one will give it to you at all, and you're stuck with your current carrier.

    See a local agent about best plans in YOUR AREA. Not all companies write in all states, and plans vary wildy.

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    Please list your location (at least a general idea) -- it's impossible to give advice without that info, since companies and plans (as well as price) vary widely by location.

    But even beyond that, since most health insurance is based on networks these days, a wonderful plan with a terrific price is still pretty worthless to you if there aren't any local providers in the network.

    Seriously, list a location and/or contact some local agents to get assistance.

    As a general rule, though, you're probably going to find it's cheaper to stay on your group plan if your employer is paying for even 50% of your coverage (unless you're the picture of perfect health and even then, it's likely to be close.) If you're paying for all of your health coverage at work, you'll probably do better on your own unless you have serious pre-existing conditions. (Please note that what YOU consider to be a serious pre-existing condition and what the insurance company considers to be one might be very different, indeed.) Whatever you do, you absolutely do NOT want to let your current coverage go until you have a final rate offer from another company. When you get a quote, that's great -- but rates are NEVER final until you get through underwriting.

    Good luck!

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    My wife and I were in the same straights so we got our own health insurance independantly and cheaper than the company we both worked for.

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    check out "horizon blue cross/ blue shield of your state" /caremark. horizon and caremark joined together. i had that insurance last year. i had no copay at the doctors, although i had no vision or dental (it was waaaaaaaaaay to expensive) and the insurance covered 80 % of my prescriptions. when i had knee surgery 5.5 yrs ago, they covered albut maybe $900 for it. go to yahoo or google and type in "blue cross/blue shield" and there are different links you can click on.

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