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how would you try to take down wwe?

how would try to take down wwe if you owned a wrestling company that is possibly compition for wwe. If you dare

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    you do not ............... ll

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    Step 1. All Hardcore Matches Featuring Lots Of Good Moves

    Step 2. No Bein A Wuss Like WWE And Not Letting Wrestlers Do Some Moves

    Step 3. Pursuade WWE Wrestlers To Join My Show

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    1. Have great matches.

    2. Have great storylines

    3. Have a cruiserweight division, and allow them to shine like they did in WCW.

    4. Have women wrestlers and use them for more than eye candy.

    5. Have a good tag division

    6. Have good stables

    ......basically you have to have the good things in wrestling that WWE doesn't. Only thing about that is with WWE being #1 they will adjust. They will steall your ideas, or anyone elses they can to remain #1. They will put their roster back together, and get rid of jobbers who can't wrestle. Cena will not hold the title for 2 years if there is a #2 trying to be #1.


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    First of all, be prepared to come with a large bankroll, because taking on WWE is not a short-term battle but a long-term war. Second, I'd go after the YOUNG WWE talent (the tier-two guys) that are the future of WWE. As the "stars" get older and more expensive, you've undercut McMahon's ability to restock the shelves. Third, re-invent the "Stone Cold" formula (i.e. corrupt CEO, maverick that can't be broken) and play the storyline to the hilt. Bring in a number of "hired guns" to take out the maverick, but always have the maverick win out. Fourth, regular schedule absolute "surprises", but not weekly. Have a run-of-the mill grudge match, that turns into a 60-minute match. Heel turns, which seem to be all but forgotten as a storyline. Legends as guest referees, etc.

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    Secure major backing from corporations. Put Bischoff in charge with unlimited power/funds to run the promotion. Secure a major cable/network TV deal. Market it to the core audience. No problem, right? I wish it would happen but I don't see it happening anytime soon. If there was another major federation to challenge WWE it would make the whole sport better just like when WWE and WCW were both great.

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    firstly i'd hire the two storyline writter that vince sacked in the late 90's when wwe was at its best (storyline wise).

    next i'd hire a secret monkey (some one who pases info on to other companys).

    then i'd hire the good talet that wwe has thrown away (e.g what tna is doing with ppl like kurt angle, dudleys rvd etc).

    then i'd come up with something orinal like tna has done with the six sided ring. maybe i'd have four ropes in stead of three.

    i wouldn't make all british wrestler look like *** holes (i mean come on you tell me one britsh wrestler the wwe hasn't made look like an asshole?).

    on the run up to the first ppv i'd have cameo appearanses from top wrestling talent such as hogan/the rock/lita as foreth.

    i'd have more origanl matches, more dangours matches cos lets be hounest here, we like to see people bleeding.

    put diva's in better matchs such as cage matchs, casket match and submission matchs.

    now heres the master part. we have our shows on the same nights as wwe and in the same citys as wwe. not only that but we have cheeper tickets and more seats.

    well thats my plan. now that i think about it, i have the earge to set up a fed now and go head 2 head with the wwe

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    actual. yet you would be able to desire to realize that John Cena is barely watered right down to the easy Wrestling Fan, to no longer informal followers. Plus how a celeb actually grows out facet the WWE (whilst techniques are parted) is as much as the celeb. as quickly as WWE represents a celeb a undeniable way, they'd't replace how they are going to be advertised in the direction of commonplace society. They advertised The Rock this greater than Wrestling character, and that's strictly how he became out. Now Cena is being packaged the comparable way. in view that it is a submit concepts-set era society, Wrestling isn't as uncomplicated because it as quickly as became into. So its extra stable for a Wrestler to interrupt for the time of the seams of the mainstream civilization. Now WWE can marketplace superstars any way they like to because of the fact they have there very own media international. WWE studio's, WWE magazine, WWE track label and so on. they're attempting to create a skill for his or her superstars to no longer enhance previous them. Which leads impressive returned on your element, controlling the form technique. yet as quickly as a freelance formally expires, WWE has no chains on how a celeb advances previous their product.

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    What I would do is to try to take some of the main talent in WWE, Nobody big but people who the fans like. Guys like The Hardys, CM Punk, London and Kendrick, Shelton Benjamin, RVD, Sabu, Scotty 2 Hotty, and Funaki would be my main focus to take. I would put my TV show on Fridays and take down Smackdown. Then I would try to hire some more people from WWE. I would then move my show to Tuesdays and take down ECW. I would Try to take some more guys like Johnny Nitro and Gregory Helms to help build up my division. Then I would move my show to mondays but starting and 8 and ending at 10 to see if i could beat them in the ratings. If i did then I would move it from 9 to 11 to completly wipe them out.

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    well my company would caiter to the ppl that seem to be forgotten by the ppl in Ct and Fl wrestling fans i my company would be about youth speed and above all else Talent after growning my company localy i'd secure investersters and add afew veteran creative minds ideally i'd shoot for paul heyman and give him creative freedom at the sametime keeping with the core ideas the of the company

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    First of all, why would you?

    But all you have to do is get good competition for the WWE. Tough, unique wrestlers. Don't be a like the WWE. If you are, people will resent you and won't watch.

    The second step, is hiring me. (I'm training to become a wrestler.)

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    i wud bring back wcw and nwa and form an alliance to take down the wwe by releasing results 3 minutes before the show just like in the old wcw

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