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wat to do now?

i love this guy but my parents don't approve and he wonts to give everything up to me (v-card) and ive ony known him like a few months he even stuck up for me when everyone was aginst wat in goin on in my life...we curl up when everything is goin bad and the only thing i can think is i don't ever wont things to change and the only person i wont to be w/ NOW is him i didn't rlly get to know him untill the ending of last week when i rlly sat down and talked to him about everyrhing...i love him and i wont to be w/ him even after all my other boyfriends i wont to be w/ him more than any other...

i would rlly like to get some input from all points of view parents and from other daters!!!


he is mixed

i hope that dont affend anyone b/c there is nothin wrong w/ that!!!

Update 2:

so we are goin to be together and i couldn't ask for a better person to spend time w/

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    Well you sound like you really love him. Give it a try, if he's not for you at least you'll learn something. Why don't your parents approve? Are you too young? Is he a thug? People can and do change. If he's a good guy, your parents will come around. But as much as you don't want to hear this...your parents only want what is best for you. If you go against their wishes, chances are, you are going to get hurt. But that's what we are here learn.... One way or another.

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    Before I could give a useful answer, I would like to know why your parents do not approve. It may be that they know something about this guy that you don't, but if you are old enough to be this crazy about a guy you are old enough to sit down with your parents and talk to them about it.

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    well personally i would get to know him better first.even though u think you know him really well, there might be something else that you didnt know about before making any sudden decisions. ask your parents why they dont approve b/c they might know something you dont.

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    I'm not even sure what your question is and I have no clue what a V card is!

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