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I feel disgusting everytime i hear his name. How do I know the reason behind it?

there is a guy, whenever I hear his name....I feel disgusting. I dont think I hate him. omg right now i feel disgusted again...

why?? and how to solve it??


hmmm....his parents know my parents. so whenever we are out. they tease us for looking like couples...cuz we have same age..

does it have anything to do with this?

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    The guy just rubs you the wrong way it happens!! I know a girl that does that to me !! I don't hate her I just don't like her much that's all!! She is sickening to watch she thinks she's better than everybody else!When I hear her name " Yuck" She is disgusting to me. You may never solve it but you might if your able to figure out why you feel this way. I told you some of my reasons now ask yourself WHY???? Only you can figure it out. LOL

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    trust your instincts. You know something you aren't telling yourself about this guy. Maybe even from a past life.

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