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My dog is constantly scratching, like she has fleas, and also biting at her legs and paws. What's the problem

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    When a dog licks his paws excessively: Besides limping, another very obvious signal of a lesion is when a dog is constantly licking and biting at his paw trying to alleviate his pain this way. If you notice that your dog only licks at one of his paws, most likely he just has a localized lesion such as a small cut or cyst. However, if both paws are affected, it's possible the dog has a coetaneous allergy and in these cases the dog will need to get several tests such as blood tests, biopsies, etc. A dog constantly licking at his paw can also cause him to get dermatitis. This usually occurs when a dog constantly licks at one particular part of his body (usually the paw), so much so that he rids that part of his body of hair. As time goes on, the skin forms into an ulcer, and it bulges and changes color. Excessive licking can be caused because of several factors such as boredom, pain, parasites, as well as different types of allergies. Diagnosing this can be quite difficult, and a complete medical history will need to be done. The treatment depends on the cause of the ailment and it can consist of ointments, creams, or behavior therapy when the problem is psychological. Another problem is if a splinter or a spiked seed gets stuck in the dog's toes, it can gradually get stuck further inside the skin until it is completely inside. Usually this then forms into a cyst or painful and irritating lump, which sometimes pops on its own in order to get rid of the foreign object causing it to secrete and bleed. Cysts must get treated by a veterinarian and in the cases when they are very painful, it will be necessary to anesthetize the dog. After the foreign object has been removed, usually antibiotics need to be given to the dog to avoid infections from occurring.

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    Check your dog for fleas. If you do not see any. Than it is allergies. The first sign of allergies is biting their legs and paws. I know this because I went through this with four dogs. You should use K-9 advantage on your dog it keeps fleas, ticks and misquotes away. You can get K-9 at the pet store it is cheaper than at the vets office. I live in a wooded area and use it on my dogs and every year. For allergies you need to see your vet. They can give your dog pills for the allergies. Also Benadryl for children also helps.

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    I'm a trainer, so I hope I can help :)

    First, I always suggest a vet visit to rule out anything strange. But most likely, the scratching and biting could possibly be: fleas, mites, or allergies.

    Allergies can cause red "hot spots" and there are hot spot sprays that can help the itching...look for one without alcohol, as that can sting :(

    Allergies can come from fleas, contact with surfaces or pollens, or even food. Many dogs are allergic to corn. Check the ingredients on your current food. Maybe try buying a premium dog food. I really like royal canin and the dick van patten line. There is also a great product called missing link that is a powder you can put on top of food. It has Omega3 fatty acids from fish oils that help the skin and coat stay healthy.

    Good luck :)

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    She probably does have fleas!

    You can prevent them by doing these simple steps:

    1). Give your dog a nice, hot bath. Make sure that you use flea killing shampoo.

    2). Also, you can use monthly tubes of liquid that you put in the collar area, the back and close to where the tail is. This liquid is designed to kill fleas and ticks of all stages! Try: K-9 Advantix, Spot On and other leading brands like those!

    I hope that this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at:! GOOD LUCK!

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    i'd attempt a clean foodstuff trial with a protein your puppy has by no ability been uncovered to- some thing like rabbit and potato or duck and potato- there is even kangaroo and oats (those are all Rx in basic terms diets you get out of your vet- they could have in basic terms some factors)! The foodstuff trial could be for no less than 8-12 weeks and ideally NO different ingredients could be fed, no longer even in microscopic quantities. became the exterior parasite got here across on pores and skin scrape Demodex mites? That therapy can take many months of oral Ivermectin, particular shampooing, specifically situations particular dips, and antibiotics for secondary an infection. canines may additionally get Scabies mites, that are uaually taken care of with injectable ivermectin. shop in mind that any steroids given can decrease the physique's immune protection and reason those mites to thrive, yet specifically situations if the canines is depressing, some days of steroids may well be warranted. i'd additionally do a fungal custom to help rule out ringworm (it incredibly is a fungus and it not often shows up in ring variety on canines). Frontline spray is nearly out of date. Why no longer use benefit or the spot-on Frontline? there is even an oral month-to-month flea pill talked approximately as Comfortis. be sure you additionally are thoroughly treating the ambience and ALL different pets on your place for fleas. If all else fails, i'd do an hypersensitivity try for environmental allergens. it incredibly is comprehensive with the help of drawing a blood pattern or intradermally with the help of ability of injections like in human beings (the latter is maximum sturdy yet extra costly). If hypersensitive reactions are got here across, you would be shown a thank you to manage hypersensitivity photos at homestead (the needle is tiny, and the puppy in many circumstances tolerates the poking properly). i'd additionally evaluate a pores and skin biopsy to rule out unusual pores and skin problems. in case you seek for suggestion from a veterinary dermatologist, you will get the main suitable suggestion. collectively as those centers do no longer come inexpensive. the dermatologist knows the latest analyze and doubtless sees situations in basic terms like yours invariably. stable success and stay compliant with the vet's innovations!

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    If you have treated with fleas like with Revolution or a good type of application, I had this happen with my most recent dogs and they have sensitive skin, allergies, so I never change their food or feed them table scraps or never change shampoos or whatever. Read up on dog skin allergies. They are fine when I keep them in their normal stuff and think about what makes their allergies act up. Good luck. It sure works great for me.

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    Maybe it is fleas. Could just be the fresh cut lawn. My mom's cairn terrier is terrible for days after the lawn is cut.

    If you rule out other medical problems, benadryl is OK for dogs, but you have to dose by weight.

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    It could be fleas, mites, mange (highly contagious), ringworm, or just heat rash. Also, if you wash your dog too much, this can dry out their coat, and cause them to be itchy, too, resulting in them constantly scratching, rubbing, or biting themselves raw.

    try tea tree oil shampoo, oatmeal bath, or adding an oil supplement, like vegetable oil, ( 1 tbsp) to their food.

    they may also be allergic to their food.

    your best bet is to check with your vet. If it is mange or mites, they will scrape or check the coat, and give your a prescription to alleviate this problem, too.

    in the meantime, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly, as ringworm can also be contagious, and no fun to catch...

    good luck!!

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    it might have fleas because the same thing happend with my dog. you should go to the vet and see what the problem is.

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    skin irritation... or fleas you should just call your vet and see what you can do with out going in and spending alot of money.

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