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Boyfriends- Sexy & Outrageous things you wish your girlfriend would do?

like to keep the spark going and for things not to get dull. :)


besides sex lol.

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    get naked more often

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    approximately my ex: a million. i became into by no skill in love with him; I basically cared for. (Nor have I enjoyed everyone) 2. His friends have been complete jacka@@3S. 3. I advised his brother that he needed to finger me interior the sea. 4. i might by no skill have concept to lose my virginity to him. 5. His brother "enjoyed" me. 6. His mom hated my guts so i desired to throw a wrench at her. 7. i became into/AM too sturdy for him. 8. I hate how he has no ambition nor course in existence. 9. I knew all approximately the different women. 10. I couldnt believe him a million/3 of the time yet he made me have self belief that i became into particular so I stayed. SO SO this sort of lot of extra.

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    After ten years of marriage?

    Lots more wild spontaneous uninhibited lovemaking when the kid is away at grandma's, rediscovering Bedroom Adventures, making the walls and floors shake . . . you get the idea :)

    Source(s): Ten years of marriage and lots of lingering libido. Grawwawwwr!
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    1 decade ago

    wish my wife would have sex with me

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    it all starts with with you girls wearing boots

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