When your prayers are answered, and your faith in God strengthens?

...as a result of your prayers being answered...

Doesnt that mean that your faith is a trivial thing? That moves depending on the things you receive on earth?

Wont it shake when your prayers arent answered anymore

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Jesus said:

    "Men should always pray and not give up"

    Luke 18:1

    I've learned to just do what He says - the rest works itself out.

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    When my prayers are answered it does strengthen my Faith in God, I have the faith of a mustard seed. I know the difference between wants and needs. Too many people pray for their wants and get upset because only their needs are met. I have seen things I have prayed for get answered. I pray for others more than myself. My needs are always met, so why would I not continue in my faith, Even when I was struggling financially my needs were met. My faith in God is such i don't need miracles and worldly things to know he is there for me. Prayers are always answered, sometime we may not like the answer, but God knows what is best for each of us

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    Dear Daughter

    May God Bless You Amen.

    It is said; the prayers of the oppressed reaches God and shakes His throne, God is the Most Merciful and answers the supplications.

    For others it is said: Many a times a slave prays and begs God for things, which might be harmful and not realized by the supplicant. Being God Most Merciful and loves His slaves, He will not fulfill the request and the Slave might grieve. This would have been experienced by us in life many a times, if our request and prayers would have been fulfilled it would have harmed us.

    It is like a child crying and bugging the parents asking for something, which is harmful to the child and the parents knowing it passify the child without fulfilling the request.

    So if your request and prayers are fulfilled thank the Almighty and in case not fulfilled think that it is in the best intrest of you as the Lord knows better. In both the cases be thankful to Him.

    Other conditions are that your prayers and requests should not harm others in any manner, unless you are oppressed by them as stated first. Secondly your earnings should be lawful, by which you buy your food and eat. In case your stomach and body is built through unlawful earning then your Prayers shall not be answered by God. Again you should not deprive others rights and oppress others, this shall again come in the way of your prayers.

    Also the prayers and supplications of the poor and needy and suffering people whom you you have helped, fed and cared are readily answered by God.

    Lastly the Prayers of Mother and Father whom you have served help in your supplications being answered and fulfilled by God and their supplications for you too are readily answered by God.

    May God Bless all of us and keep us on the Straight path Amen.

    Source(s): Holy Quran and Sayings of Holy Prophet peace be on him.
  • Well, Isaiah 1:15-17 shows that God does not hear all prayers. Only when one tries their best to practice God's will, does he listen to our prayers. By doing his will, we show that we love and want to serve him. If we care more about doing things our way, aside from him,(as Adam and Eve chose to do), Why should we lose faith in him? We are the ones not holding our end of the deal. He did not program us to do his will. He gave us a choice.(Deut 30:19) Also, we must pray for the right things. Please read Jesus' [model] Prayer.(Mat 6:9-13) For example, say you need a car. It would not be proper to pray ' Please God, bless me with a sports car'. Rather, I [need] a reliable and long lasting vehicle. 'Whatever it may be'.

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  • 1 decade ago

    as a muslim we should pray yes but always remember that god does answer us but maybe not in this world maybe the next

    sometimes what we think is good for us we dont realise it actually isnt thats why we dont get it

    but we should always pray even if we think our prayers arent being heard cause they are we just not aware or noty ready to recieve it yet

  • 1 decade ago

    If a believer gets one prayer out of 1,000 answered, he forgets the 999 failures, and boasts that the one success proves that there is a God, and that he answers prayer. One out of 1,000 strengthens your faith??????? Not mine.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Faith is just emotion. That pervert, Saint Paul, tried to make faith into something glorious; but it is really just a dumb emotion.

    If you think God answered a prayer, I got to tell you, that's pretty lame.

    No matter how much faith you got, it won't make your religion true; it's just as false as it ever was.

  • 1 decade ago

    When your prayers are answered, you take it for granted which makes you prideful and thus you become less a good person. You should pay for all the 'favors' bestowed upon you, or you're just asking to become someone who isn't worthy of having their prayers answered.

  • 1 decade ago

    God answers all prayers. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes no, and sometimes wait. My faith is strong no matter what the answer to my prayers are.

  • TEK
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    1 decade ago

    who says my prayers won't be answered anymore?

    The more faith I have, the more I see answers to prayer!

  • 1 decade ago

    No, because sometimes God's answer to our prayers is no.

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