Any HP Mods can i do to TBI Camaro?

I Have a 1992 TBI Camaro. It already has flowmasters, K&N and an elderbrock throttle body, any other HP mods i could do thats fairly easy and inexpensive?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well if its TBI then it has i computer look around and see if anyone makes a chip or programmer and watch how that it will bring that throttle body alive after market throttle bodies are great i had one on my s 10 but the computer really won't let it add that much more fuel to the motor. right now the only reason your getting alittle more fuel is because the fuel injectors are bigger cfm. Try to find a chip or programmer and you will be giving it the fuel it needs. also ya could pick up a set of headers. You can get a decent set at local part stores for about 80 bucks there not hooker headers or anything but they will increase exhaust flow.

    Source(s): If ya have any other questions about it give me a ring on messanger. same id. I have a 86 iroc-z and always been a camaro lover.
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